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These included an entirely impromptu and unsolicited duet by Perry and Han, a much interrupted speech by Joe, and, finally, as the train moved out of the station, a hearty Dexter cheer with three "Neils!" on the end. In such manner the Adventurer lost her cabin boy and the ranks of the club were depleted by one.

Perry started after her, but was brought to a jerky halt by the failure of his hind legs to function. "You stay here!" he commanded savagely. "I can't," whined a voice from the hump, "unless you get out first and let me get out." Perry hesitated, but unable any longer to tolerate the eyes of the curious crowd he muttered a command and the camel moved carefully from the room on its four legs.

"There's going to be some awful serious trouble for your outfit if that boy isn't returned," Mr. Perry went on, waxing fiercer and more fierce in his manner as he purposely worked up a towering rage for the sake of its effect on the boy on the cot. "Would you like me to turn you over to the father of the boy whom your scoundrel gang kidnapped?

But we thought that maybe you'd be glad to sell, for a member of our party said he'd like to buy all of the islands of this group if he could find the owner." "Who is he?" asked the quartet's spokesman. "His name is Perry and he lives at Oswego, New York," Bud replied. "Well, you all go somewheres else to talk that matter over and then take it up with my real estate agent.

One remarkable circumstance happened in these prisoners' return from the Justice's house to Campden, viz., Richard Perry following a good distance behind his brother John, pulling a clout out of his pocket, dropped a ball of inkle, which one of his guard taking up, he desired him to restore it, saying it was only his wife's hair lace; but the party opening it, and finding a slip knot at the end, went and showed it unto John, who was then a good distance before and knew nothing of the dropping and taking up of this inkle.

The hidden Joe, bound for piracy on the high seas, or a Crusoe's island somewhere, gave a wonderful zest to Master Richard's meal But an hour, which seemed like a year to the less fortunate of the two, went by before a raid upon the well-furnished larder of Perry Hall could be effected.

During 1843 appeared in Graham's Magazine Cooper's "Life-Sketch of Perry," "The Battle of Lake Erie," and "The Autobiography of a Pocket-handkerchief," or "Social Life in New York."

And Holliday'll come high." "That's your affair. I'll fight one way." Dunham lifted an eyebrow. "Well?" "Winner take all." "But you're certain to win! The fight'll be fixed!" Perry sensed then how greatly the gross man wanted to laugh. Not bother to train? That old one! Did Dunham really think he was taking him at his word?

"You turned him out capitally. But," he added, an expression of dismay stealing over his face, "what shall we do?" "We must try to obtain a loan," said Mrs. Frost, "I will go and see Mr. Sanger, while you go to Mr. Perry. Possibly they may help us. There is no time to be lost." An hour afterward Frank and his mother returned, both disappointed. Mr. Sanger and Mr.

"I'm afraid she is," and Mrs. Perry looked troubled. "She has a bad sore throat and she's quite feverish. Now you girlies dawdle around as much as you like. Although I'm commissioned to tell you that there are two young men downstairs just pining for you, and they asked me to coax you to come down at once." "Let them wait," said Patty; "we'll be down after a while. Mayn't we see the baby?"