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With her beauteous legs still thrown over mine, she moved her arms to my neck, kissed me voluptuously, and mingled the sweetest accents of gratification with the most endearing caresses and flatteries. I lay, as it were, in the paphian bower of bliss, in a state of exquisite sensations quite impossible to describe.

"Well...." Hickey became conscious that both unwieldy feet were nervously twined about the legs of his chair; blushed; disentangled them; and in an attempt to cover his confusion, plunged madly into consideration of a column of table-d'hote French, not one word of which conveyed the slightest particle of information to his intelligence. "Well," he repeated, and moistened his lips.

He balanced tentatively for a moment, then shook his head. A pack-saddle was substituted. "It is hard," he said, "young enough, and yet like a useless bale of goods." Twenty hours he had endured, and yet had twelve to go thirty-two hours for a man without legs. This will show of what some Serbs are made.

Elzevir looked down at me when I sighed, and seeing, I suppose, that I was sorrowful, tried to put a better face on a bad business. 'Forgive me, lad, he said, 'if I have spoke too roughly. There is yet another way that we may try; and if thou hadst but two whole legs, I would have tried it, but now 'tis little short of madness. And yet, if thou fear'st not, I will still try it.

Daddy Longlegs is so tall that they can't touch anything except his feet!" Taking a careful look at the battle-field, the General saw that it was so. But still the commander of the army was not dismayed. "Can't you tip him over?" "We've tried to already," replied Captain Kidd. "But he has too many legs for us." "Can't your soldiers stand on one another's shoulders?"

The officer and his companion were unnecessarily rough and insulting to me, I thought; but when I consider the exceedingly bad reputation which I had made, I am not much surprised. I was dragged out of the boat, my legs soused into the water, and my elaborate toilet made in view of the fact that I was to face Miss Emily Goodridge during the excursion was badly deranged.

Presently Troutham grew tired of his punitive task, and depositing the quivering boy on his legs, took a sixpence from his pocket and gave it him in payment for his day's work, telling him to go home and never let him see him in one of those fields again.

In one sense no man is self-made who breathes the air of a civilized community. In another sense every man who is anything other than a phonograph on legs is self-made.

The upper part of the latter was of a lead colour, and the lower part white, with a line of dullish grey running from the bill to the belly, and forming a boundary between the two colours; the bill and legs quite black. The animal was alive when brought to us. When resting, it lay upon its belly and stretched out its head.

Take a full breath, and swelling out the chest, give a little push off the bottom with both feet. Keep your mouth shut, as, perhaps for an instant only, the water will ripple on your face as the head takes its position, and then you will find your legs, which must be stiffened and separated. In this position you will float for a second, moving the while towards the shore.