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The business must be stiffened up; we're going to have more and stronger competition." "It's just as father feels about it," said Lester at last. "I have no deep feeling in the matter. It won't hurt me one way or the other. You say the house is going to profit eventually. I've stated the arguments on the other side." "I'm inclined to think Robert is right," said Archibald Kane calmly.

But the old Amable began to whine: "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! What suffering! Ooh! I can't. My back is stiffened up. 'Tis the wind that must have rushed in through this cursed roof." "Well, you'll have no dinner, as I'm having a spread at Polyte's inn. This will teach you what comes of acting mulishly."

"Wait!" whispered the woman. "Something seems to say wait!" The night breeze stiffened and gently waved the apron. Locusts rasped, mosquitoes hummed and frogs sang uninterruptedly. A musky odour slowly filled the air. "Now shall I?" questioned Pete. "No. Leave them alone. They are safe now. They are mine. They are my salvation. God and the Limberlost gave them to me! They won't move for hours.

Mild displeasure stiffened Rolf's big frame. He said gravely: "It is plain your thoughts do not do me much honor, since you think I have so little authority. I tell you now that you will always be free to do whatever I ask of you. If there is anything wrong in the doing, it is I who must answer for it, not you. That is the law, while you are bound and I am free."

"Who is this?" he asked in a low voice of the soldier who followed at his heels. "J'n'en sais rien, mon commandant," The soldier stiffened as a watch-dog who sees a cat. Fanny hastened nearer. "I drive a Russian officer," she explained. "I hope I have your permission to stay here." "Ah!" exclaimed the officer, looking at her in surprise.

She's gainin' here, and she likes it. That's why I never told her you was chargin' us about double what you charge these rich folks." The manager stiffened. "I regret exceedingly, sir, that you take it this way. But there is nothing more to be said, is there?" It was with a heavy heart and a heavy tread that Briskow returned to his room.

Gavegan slipped his left arm through Larry's right. "You're comin' along with me, and you'd better come quiet." Larry stiffened. "Come where?" "Headquarters." "I haven't done a thing, Gavegan, and you know it! What do you want me for?" "Me and the Chief had a little talk about you," leered Gavegan. "And now the Chief wants to have a little personal talk with you.

The riata loop shot from his upflung hand and sped whimperingly on its errand, even as Tejon tried to swing away, tripped, and tumbled to his knees. The riata caught the lifted forefeet of the bull just as he stiffened his neck for the lunge.

They therefore entrusted an expedition against Serbia to Field Marshal von Mackensen, and had begun to gather an army for that purpose, north of the Danube. This army of course was mainly composed of Austrian troops, but was stiffened throughout by some of the best regiments from the German army.

The only wonder is that this stiffened, desiccated crowd retains vitality enough to remember the hours at which its several trains depart, and to rise up and shake itself alive and go on board. One is haunted sometimes by the fancy that some day, when the air in the room is unusually bad and the trains are delayed, a curious phenomenon will be seen.