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Therewith he gave certain orders, whereupon a great many fierce fellows set upon Sir Ector and stripped him of all his armor, and immediately haled him off, half-naked, to that dungeon aforementioned. "Alas," said they, "there is no knight alive may free us from this dungeon, unless it be Sir Launcelot.

"Then if you will promise to-night to keep the opium cup out of his way, these pearls and diamonds," and she took a handful of them from her sack, "shall assuredly be yours." The valet promised; and then Florina broke her fourth egg, out of which came a pie composed of birds, which, though they had been plucked, baked, and made ready for the table, sang as beautifully as birds that are alive.

"Now, mark my words, one and the same villain has put that dead man's hand and arm in the river, and has stopped my letters to Grace; I am sure of it. So what I want you to do is, first of all, to see my darling, and tell her I am alive and well, and then put her on her guard against deceivers. "I suspect the postman has been tampered with. I write to Mr. Ransome to look into that.

Jalaloddin had exposed himself very freely in the fight, in hopes, perhaps, that he should be killed. But Genghis Khan had given positive orders that he should be taken alive. He had even appointed two of his generals to watch carefully, and to see that no person should, under any circumstances, kill him.

You were my bride, alive, gloriously free once more, you were the Desired. I loved you, Mary." He rose and put his hands on her shoulders. Her face was as white as his now. His hands dropped, he almost leapt away from her, the muscles of his face writhed. "My God, Mary, I've never wanted to think about you, only to feel and see you! Now I must think. This this existence that you have described!

She knew at last what a kiss might be, and that was much; but she knew also what it was to kneel by her dead love and to feel his life come back, breath by breath and beat by beat, till he was all alive; and few women have felt that or can guess how great it is to feel.

Locked in the gloomy vaults, and seeing no one but the jailer who once a day brought them the scanty and hard fare necessary to keep them alive till the day of vengeance should come, their position seemed altogether desperate and their fate assured. But in the case of King Selim he had, unknown to his captors and concealed in the folds of his turban, a ruby of great size and of immense value.

Lady Kingsland thought it was you, Sir Everard. But she is alive and well, and in Worrel at this very moment. Our first business is to cage our bird before she flies. Can you aid us any, Sir Everard? Where are we most likely to find her?" "At the Court," the baronet answered. "She left here to go there to kill my mother with her horrible news, if she could." "We will leave you now," Mr.

Then again came the word: "So it is that I am not dead but alive in the world, though I am far away from this land; and it is good that thou shouldst go seek the Well at the World's End not all alone: and the seeker may find me: and whereas thou wouldst know my name, I hight Dorothea."

"But he's alive, Frank, boy! he's alive!" he cried, in a peculiarly altered voice. "Yes, thank Heaven!" said Frank Frere softly; "he is alive." No one spoke for a few moments. Then the professor began again excitedly "Look here," he cried, "both of you; that German sausage is a fool!"

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