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I tried the effect of one shot; but though I am sure I hit the canoe between wind and water, the Indians in her did not cease paddling; and I was afraid of throwing another shot away by making a second attempt.

Horatius keeps the bridge, first with two comrades, then, at the last, alone in the glory of single-handed fight against an army, sure of immortality whether he live or die. Scævola, sworn with the three hundred to slay the Lar, stabs the wrong man, and burns his hand to the wrist to show what tortures he can bear unmoved.

Fortunately they did not eat up the fruit nor the live animals, but among other things destroyed was the skin of the huge ape which we had intended to take to England to exhibit to naturalists, feeling sure it would create more surprise than anything else we could carry with us. The entire skin was devoured, and the head picked clean so that only a whitened skull remained.

There, her color is coming back. Now put yourself in her place. You and I must call this an accident. Stick to that through thick and thin. Ah, she is coming round safe. She shall see you first. You take her right hand, and look at her with all the pity and kindness I am sure you feel." Mr. Raby took Jael's hand in both his, and fixed his eyes on her with pity and anxiety.

Frankly, I should be sorry to think that in following this new idea you were in any way injuring the great career which, I am sure, is before you; but, on the other hand, I cannot help wishing that a greater number of young men would follow your example." "Your Eminence approves, then?" "Do you think you will make a good soldier?" "Other artists have been good soldiers. There was Cellini "

"Oh! confound it!" Horace began. "Hush! here comes papa; remember this is my arrangement; you ought to be very much obliged, instead of beginning to swear in that way; I'm sure Mr Hawthorne is very grateful to me for taking so much interest in the question of his breaking his neck, if you are not.

"He is all that, I am sure," said Keith; "but, perhaps, some day you may find that you can love another even better than you love him." She shook her head dissentingly. "I can hardly believe it possible. It seems to me that it would just break my heart to have to leave my father or to be separated from him in any way." Keith sighed drearily.

Inspector 'lowed last trip we'd sure be a gettin' mail twice a week at Flag next summer. This here's sure bound t' be a big country some day. "Talkin' 'bout new fangled things, though, men! I seed the blamdest sight las' night that ever was in these woods, I reckon. I gonies! Hit was a plumb wonder!"

It's quite a hypothetical case, mind, but it might occur." "Certainly, I should say, if you were quite sure the proper house authorities were not there to enforce order," said Mr Roe. "Of course," said Grover; "but it's rather an unlikely case, isn't it?" "It occurred in my house last night," broke in Railsford, hotly.

"If his actions left no doubt of his hostile purpose in your mind you were justified in protecting yourself." "They sure didn't," said McHale. "He's out to down me, and I know it. There ain't no Alphonse and Gaston stuff when he comes boilin' out, pullin' his gun. I just sail in to get action while I got the chance." "Exactly," said Wade. "Well, Tom, you'll be arrested, of course.