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All were anxious to set their doubts at rest, for there was now a prospect of obtaining food and shelter in a few days; but they recognized no landmarks, and with the approach of evening the frost grew very keen. The haze drew in closer, and the scattered pines they passed wailed drearily in a rising wind.

But instead of such words of gentle might, like those of the man of whom he was so fond of talking, he had only spoken drearily of duty, hinting at a horror that would plunge the whole ancient family into a hell of dishonour and contempt! It did indeed show what mere heartless windbags of effete theology those priests were! Skeletons they were, and no human beings at all!

If I were not so utterly alone in the world, losing a friend would not be so great a matter, perhaps; but he is all I have now, Will." "It is hard, old lady; that's a fact. I wish I could straighten things out for you, but I don't see how I can." "No," Helen said drearily, "nobody can." Upon entering the small studio where her bas-relief stood, Helen found Herman there before her.

Outside the rain was increasing in violence, and throughout the sleepy little town one could hear the crashing of slates and chimney pots as they were dashed by the blast onto the pavements of the streets. "Come," suddenly said the major, rising, "my stopping here won't mend matters. I have warned you and now I'm off." "What is to be done? To whom can we apply?" muttered the old woman drearily.

But it was only in part that he was able to counteract the cruel discipline to which Aunt Jemima was subjecting his child. Winter passed drearily away a wet one, as it happened, with never once the white gleam of snow, and scarcely a touch of the healthy sting of frost.

She had borrowed her quarter for the ride of Helen and paid her out of the instalment that arrived the very next morning. That settled it, and as Dorothy had pointed out, all Eleanor's seemingly inexplicable queerness about the story was now explained. Betty threw the magazine on the table and going to the window gazed drearily out at the snow-covered campus.

So the days passed neither gaily nor drearily. Well, one day, as he was returning home along an empty side-street at dusk Kuzma Vassilyevitch heard behind him hurried footsteps and incoherent words mingled with sobs. He looked round and saw a girl about twenty with an extremely pleasing but distressed and tear-stained face. She seemed to have been overtaken by some great and unexpected grief.

They should inquire whether sermon and delivery are such as to make it easier to listen than to sleep. They should ask, "Can it be that even I am guilty of being dull?" For the truth must be confessed that some preachers brethren with golden truth to publish, and possessed of good natural gifts and a real and deep desire to bless the people are dull drearily, dreadfully, deadly dull!

And, meanwhile, the course of existence moved drearily along from day to day with the anxious sisters, who must have forgotten their sense of authorship in the vital care gnawing at their hearts. On June 17th, Charlotte writes:

"Forget!" he echoed drearily. "How little women know the way a man can love? With you I shall only rank as one of the many moths that have singed their wings by flying too closely about you." "No, no! I shall think of you always as my one man-friend, to whom I could say anything that was in my head. I shall miss him dreadfully."

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