"And do you thank Heaven for this!" exclaimed Gertrude, regarding the anxious Wilder with a wonder that her more cautious governess had the power to restrain. "Did I thank Heaven for not being seen! I may have mistaken the object of my thanks: It is an armed ship!" "Perhaps a cruiser of the King's! We are the more likely to meet with a welcome reception!

He smiled at her with a purpose of kindness that could never in his life have been greater; and at first but smiled without a word. He presently shook his head, however doubtless also with as great a sadness. "I seem to have supped to my fill, Princess. Thank you, I won't come in." It drew from her, while she looked at him, a long low anxious wail. "And you won't do my Preface?"

It seemed to the anxious rancher that he could discern the figure of his pony as he led the way through the gloom, only a short distance in advance of the mare. When certain that they were fully half-way across, his heart began to beat with hope at finding that the water did not touch the stirrup in which one foot rested. It was plain also that the leading horse was still firmly wading.

Their pages are consulted only by that very limited number of persons who are anxious to learn what has been and view with stolid indifference what actually is. Something of this transitory nature belongs to all sketches of travel.

Home scenes and incidents of school-days seemed to be uppermost in his mind at the moment that I entered, but soon afterwards his thoughts wandered away to the night of the attack. "I must go, I must go," he exclaimed in anxious tones; "if it be only to prove whether I am a coward or no. Chester spoke very kindly to me, but I believe he thinks I am afraid.

Lifting Wolf's paw he discovered that the ball of the foot was worn through; whereupon he called into service a piece of buckskin, and fashioning a rude moccasin he tied it round the foot. Wolf licked his hand, but there was no change in the sad light of his eyes. He turned toward the west as if anxious to be off. "All right, old fellow," said Hare, "only go slow.

The illness from which he was suffering grew worse, and he died soon afterwards. His followers were anxious to hide his death from the natives, who were very much afraid of him. So they placed his body in the hollow of a scooped out tree, and sunk it at midnight in the water. Those of his followers who were left decided to try to reach home by following the river to its mouth.

The distance from London Bridge to Mr. Macaulay's house is about four miles. 23d June, 1812. In a letter from his mother of June 28, 1812, the anxious parent says:

He was very anxious to testify his appreciation in some way, but he is so diffident he couldn't venture it himself, and so he begged me to buy some little things and give them to you and Dame Phyllis and let him pay for them without your ever knowing they came from him you know how a delicate person feels about that sort of thing and so I said I would, and we would keep mum.

Her love of approbation made her very anxious to excel in what was valued by those around her; and in her desire to make up lost ground, she happily escaped an undue sense of superiority in what was most valuable, a proficiency which was the result chiefly of her father's care.