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I suppose he had considered that these were all the governess would require for her private perusal; and, indeed, they contented me amply for the present; compared with the scanty pickings I had now and then been able to glean at Lowood, they seemed to offer an abundant harvest of entertainment and information.

Irene held her little head sidewise as she walked through the crowd, while the governess marched with proudly uplifted head. "Thank God," said Madame Ursula, "there is the carriage." An elegant equipage came in sight, and a groom led a beautiful racer by the bridle. "Step in, Madame Ursula," said Irene, laughing, as she vaulted into the saddle. "But you promised me "

'It is too bad, when I only wanted to mystify my father. 'It serves you right for playing tricks. What have you been doing to him, Louis? You will turn him into a doting father before long. 'What have you done with Clara? 'She goes every day to read Italian with Miss Conway, and the governess is so kind as to give her drawing lessons.

When she declared that arithmetic was all but a mystery to her, and that she had forgotten what French she ever knew, there was an unprecedented outbreak of parental wrath: this was the result of all that had been spent on her education! She must get it back as best she could, for, as sure as fate, she should be packed off as a governess.

Crawley; but promised not to tell if Miss Violet would be a good girl and love her governess. With Mr. Crawley Miss Sharp was respectful and obedient.

"This is not a time for any thing but gratitude and rejoicing," interrupted the governess; "I cannot hearken to any cold exceptions now; what mean you with that 'but?" "It may be not so easy as you think to reach yon ship the gale may prevent in short, many is the vessel that is seen at sea which cannot be spoken." "Happily, such is not our cruel fortune.

'Unless, said Mr. Mohun, smiling, 'as Rotherwood would say, Jupiter will interfere. Well, Jupiter has begun to take measures, and has asked Mrs. Weston to look out for a governess. Eh! Claude? he continued, after a pause, 'you set up your eyebrows, do you? You think it will be a bore. Very likely, but there is nothing else to be done.

"Oh, stuff! What was it Mamma heard, Osmond? That your mother was ever so much better, wasn't it?" "I thought it was worse," said Osmond. "Well, never mind: your hanging about here won't do her any good, I suppose." "No; but " "Oh, he'll catch it from the governess! I say, how many seams shall you have to sew to-day, Hal?" "I don't sew seams: I do as I please." "Ha!

"Can you do long division, my dear," the governess asked Angelica when they sat down to lessons for the first time. "No, Miss Apsley," Angelica answered sweetly. "Then I will show you how. But you must attend, you know," this last was said with playful authority. So Angelica attended. "How did you get on this morning?" Lady Adeline asked Miss Apsley anxiously afterward.

Telegraph wires and church steeples are bad too, but then we shan't fly over cities much. Keep a good height, it's safer." They altered their course a little, flying at a different angle, so that the moon no longer dazzled them. Steering came quite easily by turning the body, and Jimbo still led the way, the governess following heavily and with a mighty business of wings and flapping.