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At first the family felt some constraint in intercourse with Prince Andrew; he seemed a man from another world, and for a long time Natasha trained the family to get used to him, proudly assuring them all that he only appeared to be different, but was really just like all of them, and that she was not afraid of him and no one else ought to be.

The Decurio stroked the fair hair of the lovely suppliant. "Poor child!" he replied gently; "you have nothing to fear; nobody will hurt you now." "You have saved me from these fearful people now save me from yourself!" "You have nothing to fear from me," replied the Dacian, proudly; "I fight for liberty alone, and you may rest as securely within my threshold as on the steps of the altar.

Today we proudly assert that the government of the United States is still committed to this concept, both in its activities at home and abroad. The purpose is Divine; the implementation is human. Our country and its government have made mistakes human mistakes. They have been of the head not of the heart.

"Pedro is a straight-up rider, but he ain't got it in him to master Teddy no; nor no man ain't," contributed Yeager again proudly. "Hawsses is like men. Some of 'em can't be broke; you can only kill them. Teddy's one of them kind." Dick differed, but did not say so. "Look at him now. There he goes weaving. That hawss is a devil, I tell you.

"No, it is no shame," she cried proudly. "You force me to defend myself before another, and I will speak out now before the man who has for long enough pestered me with his attentions, and whom, during these past few days, you have made your friend and encouraged to come home; let him hear then that I feel it no shame to say I love John Grange very dearly, and that I would not let him leave here, weak, suffering, and in the dark, without knowing that his love was returned."

"King Henry, I fear death no longer!" said Catharine, with a contemptuous smile. "Who was that man? Tell me his name!" yelled the king once more. The queen raised herself more proudly, and her defiant look ran over the whole assembly. "The man," said she, solemnly, "who was with me on that night he is named "

After examining the piece with an intelligent eye, and opening and shutting the pan some ten or fifteen times, and trying sundry other equally important experiments on the lock, he turned to the boy, and demanded with great manifestations of kindness, if he was hurt. The urchin looked proudly up in his face, but made no reply. "Ah!

But the Huns have lost twelve planes here in half that number of months," Papa Prim added proudly, "and only lately have enough new ones arrived from Germany to make up the eight required for this station." "Where do the airmen sleep?" Dick interjected. "In the camp with the troops; in the hangars there are no sleeping places." "And the hangars are at some distance from the troop camp?" Tom asked.

He was almost as young as his wife, and he beamed proudly on the red human lump in her arms as he paused for a moment. He smiled warmly on Mrs. Henley when his wife playfully informed him that they would not have to move till their week was up. "Well, I certainly am glad to hear it," he declared. "I'd hate to look for a new place just for a day or so, an' I've got so I feel sorter at home here.

Joanna spoke not a word of demur when Rufinus said that he intended to accompany the fugitives; and when, with beaming looks, he went on to praise Orion's foresight and keen decisiveness, Paula flew to him proudly and gladly, holding out both her hands. As for the young man, he felt as though wings were growing from his shoulders, and this fateful evening was one of the happiest of his life.

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