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Had I said the sloop came from near Coldenham, it would have been all right; for everybody who was then anybody in New York, knew who the Coldens were; or Morrisania, the Morrises being people of mark; or twenty other places on the river: but the Wallingfords were as little known as Clawbonny, when you got fifteen or twenty miles from the spot where they had so long lived.

Many months before, five merchants came in from far Kabul and sat down in the market-place at Hurda, day by day unfolding more of their packs. They brought nuts from High Himalaya, foot-hill raisins and the long white Kabuli grapes themselves, packed in cotton, a dozen to fifteen in the box.

"I guess that's the last thing we ought to think about in the world, if we do try to be fair and square. Your church thinks a heap of you, John. They build on you. You've done more in the little while you've been here than Mr. Langley did in his last fifteen years.

I knew if I could get the river between me and the Indians I would have a good three-quarters of a mile start of them and could make a run for Fort Larned. But as I reached the river bank I looked about and saw ten or fifteen Indians who had begun to suspect that all was not as it should be.

He was always afraid that one day they would not quite manage it, but would hit the bridge; it was a fear of which he could not get rid. He always held his breath as they rushed under the bridge, and let it out in relief as they emerged safely beyond it. How cheap it was: a lake trip for fifteen centimes! Henry was sorry when they reached the other side.

He sat down beside her at the desk and began drawing on a piece of paper. Pete came and looked over his shoulder. Bannon began his explanation. "Here's the spouting house, and here's the elevator. Now, suppose they were only fifteen feet apart.

"Perhaps we'd better go up now and see," suggested Constance. "It must be time for the postman." "We're not going until after you've had fifteen more minutes' instruction in the noble art of swimming, you rascal," laughed Marjorie. "See how self-sacrificing I am! You don't appreciate my noble efforts in your direction." "Of course I appreciate them, Marjorie Dean."

No one stood still and waited fifteen minutes until you got good and ready to tell him he could go and turn on the water. Gee whizz! Being relieved himself, he relieved Pearson by telling him he might "fix it" for him, and that he would have hot water. "Very good, sir. Thank you, sir," said Pearson, and silently left the room.

In consideration of the extension acquired by the boundaries of the United States, as defined by the fifth article of the present treaty, the Government of the United States engages to pay to that of the Mexican republic the sum of fifteen millions of dollars, and prescribes the manner and times of payment.

"Tea and buttered buns, waiter, please," said Jolly. "Have one of my cigarettes?" said Val. "I saw you last night. How did you do?" "I didn't play." "I won fifteen quid."