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Captain Elisha also talked of other things, principally about the sail-boat, the summer lease of which he had arranged that afternoon. He declared the sloop to be an "able craft of her tonnage" and that they would have some good times aboard her or he missed his guess.

It was, however, late in the afternoon, and as there was no hope of their reaching Quebec that evening the "Pompadour" hove to, and was about to anchor for the night, when Duboscq descried an English sloop of war about a couple of miles off, right ahead and standing towards them, and he at once went below to consult with the marquis, who immediately returned with him on deck.

The worst of the surf was abreast of their quarter now, and less-troubled water stretched away ahead. Carroll had hardly noticed this, however, when there was a second heavy crash and the sloop stopped suddenly. The comber to windward that should have lifted her up, broke all over her, flinging the boat on deck upon the saloon skylight and pouring inches deep over the coaming into the well.

Suddenly there was a puff of smoke from the pirate sloop, and then another and another, and the next moment there came the three reports of muskets up the wind. "By zounds!" said the lieutenant. "I do believe they're firing on the boat!" And then he saw the boat turn and begin pulling toward them. The boat with the boatswain aboard came rowing rapidly.

Upon your arrival at Providence, make a just report to his Hon'r the Gov'r of that place of the sloop & cargo, & what is on board, & how we came by her. I am y'rs, B. NORTON. To Jeremiah Harman, Mas'r & John Webb, mate. For signal, hoist your Dutch jack at mast head; if we hoist first, you answer us, & do not keep it up long. Wednesday, 29th. About 4 P.M. saw a sloop.

The Spanish vessels then run up towards the town; and as they were hulled, and seemed disabled, six half-galleys came down, and kept firing nine-pounders, but, by reason of the distance, the shot did not reach the sloop or schooner. That night the General came to anchor within sight of the castle of St.

Yet the buoyant hull of the sloop rose every time, shaking the water from her glistening white sides and bending to the oncoming seas preparatory to taking another dizzy dive. The lower half of the mast was still standing, a ragged stump, the deck itself swept clean of every vestige of wreckage and movable equipment. What troubled Harriet most was the loss of the water cask.

As he said this one of his own men slid quickly down a rope that hung from the steamer's bowsprit, and dropt on the deck of the sloop, exclaiming "It'll never be said o' Tom Grattan that he forsack his ship so long as a man wos willin' to stick by her." Haco took Tom by the hand as he went aft and shook it. "Any more comin'?" he said, glancing at the faces of the men that stared down upon him.

We are not more than about fifteen hundred men fit for duty; but that I am pretty sure, if we can go in time in our sloop, schooner, row-galleys, and whaleboats, will be sufficient to take Frontenac; after which we may venture to go upon the attack of Niagara, but not before. I have not the least doubt with myself of knocking down both these places yet this fall, if we can get away in a week.

You know that I am not a fine ship at all, but only a small frigate, about eighteen guns at the outside, I should say though she would be a sloop of war, wouldn't she? and come here at any rate for you to command her, if you are not far too lofty an Admiral." "Do you love your old father, my dear?" said he, being carried beyond his usual state by the joy in her eyes as she touched him.

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