When he reached the door of the state room, he opened it, and standing on one side, he pointed the way to Hilbert, saying, sternly, "Go in there!" Hilbert went in. "You will stay there, now," said his father "as long as that bird sees fit to remain on board. It won't do, I see, for you both to be on deck together."

When he came back upon the deck he found Cæsar pale, yet, as ever, active and untiring still conversing with the captain of the vessel. The Imperator had a bandage drawn across his forehead, but otherwise he seemed none the worse for his recent danger. The galley, under a swinging oar, was pulling back across the "Great Harbour" to the palace quay.

The motion of the boat lulls us to sleep by and by, and the next thing we know it is morning. The air in our stateroom seems close and "stuffy," so we gladly leave it and go on deck, where we remain for the rest of the day.

"Don!" shouted Scott, as soon as the rifle-party appeared on the forecastle, and while the little steamer was still backing. "On deck, sir," promptly responded the second engineer. "Go below forward, and see what damage has been done to us," added the captain. "Flix, heave the lead!"

I felt almost willing to bear the plagues of Egypt for the rest of the voyage, if I could but be well and strong for that one night. Yet it was a dreadful night for those on deck.

The two commissioners had retired to their cabins, and refused to come out without being compelled by actual force. The boat was sent back to the "San Jacinto," and soon returned with a file of marines, who were drawn up with their muskets on the deck of the "Trent." Every British ship which carries mails carries a regularly commissioned officer of the navy, who is responsible for them.

Certainly, the two boys were little sturdy fellows, burnt lobster-like up to the roots of their bleached and rough hair; and their costumes were more adapted to the deck of the Kittiwake in all weathers than to genteel society.

I wonder what o'clock it is." "I have a watch if you have a match." The sergeant took a tin box from his pocket, and lighted a match from it, and held it under his cap. Deck produced his watch, and found that it was twenty-five minutes past one. "Later than I supposed," he added.

Then he heard movements at the chimney, and people seemed to be ascending and descending a ladder. There seemed, also, to be noises on the deck of the Blue Cock, and sounds of falling burdens and spoken words: "Maak plaats!" or make room for more. "I never heard of Santa Claus stopping so long at one humble house," thought Nanking. After awhile all sounds ceased.

The first lieutenant now turns to the captain, takes off his hat, and says, "All the officers have reported, sir." To which the other replies, "We'll go round the ship, then, if you please;" and off they trudge, after leaving the deck in charge of the second lieutenant, or the master, as may be determined upon at the moment.