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The sun was already sinking astern when Ben announced that he recognised the mouth of the river, and as they rounded a point, he shouted, "Hurrah! there's the ship all right we shall soon be aboard and astonish them not a little." They were hailed as they approached by the sentry on the forecastle, who seeing the maiden in her Indian dress, knew not what to expect.

"Go down below, sir," said he, after a pause, "and let me know when my breakfast is ready." Smallbones obeyed immediately, too glad to escape so easily. "Snarleyyow," said his master, looking at the dog, who remained on the other side of the forecastle; "O Snarleyyow, for shame! Come here, sir. Come here, sir, directly."

On the morning of the 1st December, while the most of the crew were away at Red Snow Valley cutting moss, Fred collected his Corps Dramatique for a last rehearsal in the forecastle, where they were secure from interruption, the place being so cold that no one would willingly go into it except under the force of necessity. A dim lantern lit up the apartment faintly.

That doesn't look as though we were going to another anchorage." "It's all right; we can't go far," added Herman. While those who were stationed on the top-gallant forecastle were engaged in catting and fishing the anchor, those who had been assigned to places on the topsail and top-gallant yards were sent aloft. "Lay aloft, sail-loosers!" continued Mr.

Then the male members of the party moved to the forecastle, to smoke and gossip. There were several old steamboatmen along, and I learned from them a great deal of what had been happening to my former river friends during my long absence.

"The man at the helm, pitying the poor boy, called to the boatswain, who was standing on the forecastle, and begged him to send some water to throw over the lad, and some dressing for his wounded back. I stayed by him for a short time, and when he was somewhat recovered, I went below.

They swore they would not go aboard, and went back to the town, were robbed and beaten, and lodged in the calabozo, until the next day, when the captain brought them out. Our forecastle, as usual after a liberty-day, was a scene of tumult all night long, from the drunken ones.

"Great Scott! just listen to the 'New Orleans. She's firing like a house afire." Suddenly there came a deep, thunderous roar. It was the voice of a thirteen-inch gun on the "Massachusetts." Sixty seconds later the six-pounders on the "Yankee's" forecastle joined in the chorus, and the action became general.

Such of the officers, too, who had not been on duty keeping the middle watch, used to turn out in their oldest pyjamas, accompanied by most of the midshipmen, when we were at this task and have a regular sluice down on the forecastle; some of them catching hold of the hose and playing it on each other in turn, skylarking and making no end of fun.

At length, when the hands were getting their supper, eating on the forecastle head in order to maintain their attitude of alertness, the mate joined Bill and remarked tentatively: "Seems quiet aboard there, don't it?" "Werry nice, sir, that it do," rejoined Bill, masticating a colossal quid with enjoyment. "Almost think she was " "Deserted, sir?