"Ah, it was lucky for us that the Prussians came up!" says one little gentleman, looking particularly wise and ominous. "Hang the Prussians!" "We beat the French without them, sir, as beaten them we always have! We were thundering down the hill of Belle Alliance, sir, at the backs of them, and the French were crying 'Sauve qui peut' long before the Prussians ever touched them!"

Beaten upon though he was by the shining light that emanates from an ex-war governor, and loyal as he remained to the old régime, his faith and admiration were Billy's. As valet to a hero, and a member of the family, he may have had superior opportunities for judging. Jeff was the first one to whom Bill revealed the news.

One day, when he was so drunk as to be unable to attend on me, I began to scold him, and threatened him with the stick if he did not mend his ways. As soon as he saw my cane lifted, he ran at me and got hold of it; and if I had not knocked him down immediately, he would doubtless have beaten me. I dismissed him on the spot. There is not a better servant in the world than a Russian.

A. No; it is very wrong to use any animal ill, because we do not like to be beaten ourselves. Q. Did Almighty God make the dog? A. Yes; and every thing else that has life. Q. What letter is this? A. E, the first letter in egg. Q. What is the use of an egg? A. It is useful for many purposes; to put into puddings, and to eat by itself.

And if you had hoped to change me, you had your trouble for your pains. You may put me on the rack and torture me, but not one word do I say." "It seems so hard, so very hard," Mary moaned. "And when I look back to the time " "Oh, never mind looking back to any time," Sartoris muttered. "The game's up, I tell you. I have been beaten, and there's an end of it.

Now, boys, we're not giving up, we're not beaten, we're only waiting for the men in the other camps! We have a union, and we mean to keep it! Three cheers for the union!" The cheers rang out with a will: cheers for the union, cheers for Joe Smith, cheers for the widow and her weeds! "You belong to the union! You stand by it, no matter what happens!

Lenox appeared so happy it seemed really a pity to wilt his enthusiasm: he had been beaten so many times that the prediction of failure was a familiar knell to him. But Jack had no time to waste in talk of any kind, and at once went into my room to study. "Never mind Jack," said Harry: "he is a born croaker. I dare say the silver-mine is made of gold.

The little ones, many of them, assailed and beaten; all, orphans and caretakers, exposed to every indignity and every danger, driven on to the street, the building was fired. This had been attempted whilst the helpless children some of them scarce more than babies were still in their rooms; but this devilish consummation was prevented by the heroism of one man.

The regeneration of Germany, a real new birth, is necessary if the peace of the world is to be secured; and surely by now we might have learned that such regeneration will never come unless Germany is beaten in this War. As Lord Grey says, "Recent military success and the ascendancy of Prussian militarism have reduced the advocates of anything but force to silence" in Germany.

More than once he was beaten and maltreated by railroad conductors and brakemen. For a time the Eastern Railroad ran its cars through Lynn, Massachusetts, without stopping, because Douglass, who resided at that time in Lynn, insisted on riding in the white people's car, and made trouble when interfered with.