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"What the divil else does it belong to? Arn't it the body of Captain Farrell, long life to his honor! going home to see his frinds?" "Take it aboard," said Captain Brawler to the deck hands, after examining the direction. The men lifted the box rather rudely, in a manner which seemed to hurt poor Pat's feelings.

To the latter class, as this volume shows, belong our female travellers, among whom we find no companion or rival to such pioneers as a Livingstone, a Barth, a Franklin, or a Sturt. Unless, indeed, we regard as an exception the wonderful woman to whose adventures and experiences the following chapter will be devoted.

It lies between you three." "No, Mr. Smith, I do not mean Hector Roscoe. I have as much confidence in Roscoe as myself." "So have I," sneered Socrates. "And I know he would not take any money that did not belong to him. I mean a very different person your nephew, James Smith." Socrates Smith frowned with anger. "There seems to be a conspiracy against my unfortunate nephew," he said.

"I don't really belong in Medicine Bend," was his return. "Where do you belong?" "In the Falling Wall." "Oh! that awful place?" "Why knock the Falling Wall?" "I never heard any good of it. No matter anyway; you may put up your money. And some time when I am up in your country," she added jestingly, "you can give me a cup of cold coffee."

"Yes, I have never complained of the amount of work. But upon this theory of yours, what you did in your summer vacation would not belong to the Events, or what you did on legal holidays." "I never have any summer vacation or holidays, legal or illegal. Even when I was down at Equity last summer I sent you something for the paper every day." This was true, and Witherby could not gainsay it.

"It was now felt that henceforth Mr. Gladstone must belong to the country, and not to the University." He realized this himself, for driven from Oxford, he went down to South Lancashire, seeking to be returned from there to Parliament, and in the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, said: "At last, my friends, I am come among you, and I am come among you unmuzzled."

Only to philosophy enlightened by the affections does it belong justly to estimate the claims of the deceased on the one hand, and of the present age and future generations on the other, and to strike a balance between them.

So he answered now: "It is the duty of the Egyptian Government to help him of Prince Kaid, of Nahoum Pasha, who is acting for him in his absence, who governs finance, and therefore the army. Egypt does not belong to England." "Nahoum Pasha is his enemy. He will do nothing to help, unless you force him." "Why do you say that?" "Because I know Nahoum Pasha." "When did you know Nahoum?"

You know, sir, that the gipsies, who belong to no particular country, and are always moving about, speak every language, and most of them are quite at home in Portugal, in France, in our Provinces, in Catalonia, or anywhere else. They can even make themselves understood by Moors and English people. Carmen knew Basque tolerably well.

I could have wished that it should have been executed by those whose character and experience give weight and influence to their opinions, such as cannot possibly belong to mine. But, Sir, I have met the occasion, not sought it; and I shall proceed to state my own sentiments, without challenging for them any particular regard, with studied plainness, and as much precision as possible.