"Perd," said O'Leary, "again. Divil another song you sing than 'perd, and I'm not quite clear you're not cheating all the while only, God help you if you are!"

Divil a word has she ever said since your father's departure, but then she screamed and yelled enough to last for seven years at the least. She screamed away all her senses anyhow, for she has done nothing since but cough, cough, and fumble at her pater-nosters a very blessed way to pass the remainder of her days, seeing that I expect her to drop every minute like an over-ripe sleepy pear.

He confided his difficulty to Tommy Tate, whom he had found in "Mexico's" saloon toning up his system after his long illness, and whom he had straightway carried off with him. "I guess it's either you or me, Tommy." "Bedad, it's yersilf that c'd do that same, an' divil a wan av the bhoys will 'Mexico' git this night, wance the news gits about."

"To the divil with you," roared Terrence. "We've downed one redcoat in fair light; what more do ye want, bad luck to ye?" The officer spoke to some one behind him, and a musket was handed him. Terrence sprang to the stern saying: "Now look out! lay low, ye lubbers! the blackguard's goin' to shoot!" The officer raised his musket, and a moment later a puff of smoke issued from the muzzle.

Lispenard's elderly housekeeper, who, after ushering Miss Maitland into the high-ceiled parlor, betook herself to the region below stairs, where she definitely expressed herself to the cook. "Sure it's a divil the masther is wid the ladies till this very day and him only about four minutes inside of eighty!" "A lady calling, is it?" inquired the cook, with interest. "Sure a young wan.

If this fairy story lasts, it'll be your own, Mag a sort of commission you get on my take-off of you. But if anything happens to the world if it should go crazy, or get sane, and not love Nancy Olden any more, why, here'll be a place for me, too. Does it look that way? Divil a bit, you croaker! It looks it looks listen and I'll tell you how it looks.

At last he run her right into the big quarryhole in Mullaghbawn, and when I went up to look for her fud, there I found him sthretched on his side, not able to stir a foot, and the hare lying about an inch afore his nose as dead as a door-nail, and divil a mark of a tooth upon her. Eh, Spring, isn't that thrue?" says he.

'To the divil I pitch him! says she; 'if I wants me photograph drew out I'm liable to pay for it, says she, 'an' not to be stuck up before the ginthry to be ped for the like o' that! 'Tis for; you bein' so handsome! says I to her. She was black mad altogether then.

I had seen in one of the library drawers a pasteboard box just the size. I dropped my card into the bottom, neatly fitted in the bouquet, and went in search of Mike. He winked cheeringly, and said he would do it "as clane as a whistle. Divil a man can see, but the angels, and they won't tell." "Very well, Mike. Here's a dollar for you. You'll find the box on the hat-rack in the hall."

On the evening that had been agreed upon, I began reading on the paper how farms in Castleisland were being fired into, and the old woman said that if these things were so, County Kerry was worse than County Cork, and I thought to myself "maybe you'll find it so, you ould divil."