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Brown winked again, cleared his throat, pulled up his shirt-collar and said, "I was goin' to quit soon as I ketched Potts's dog. He'd a bin splendid to bury out yer with the others. Lemme tell you how it is: The best thing to make grape-vines grow is dogs; bury 'em right down among the roots. Some people prefer grandmothers and their other relations. But gimme dogs and cats.

"All right! Hand it over," said Jimmy, fully conscious that he was the hero of more than usual interest. Cameron hesitated, then passed his letter over to Jimmy, who, reading the address with deliberate care, winked at the lanky boy, and with a jaunty step made towards a door at the farther end of the room.

Well, well, I dare say I should have done the same myself, for cakes and sweets are certainly nicer than corn and hay. And the donkey brayed in answer, and winked an eye at him, and, more amused than before, the man went away to tell his brother.

The question was not in any case satisfactorily answered; but I have reason to believe that a little selfish earning of private spending money is winked at. For instance, the man whose daughter's wedding I attended kept a few hives of bees; and in answer to a question I was told he did not turn their honey into the general treasury; what he did not consume he was allowed to sell.

I worked very hard at the last election. I spent days distributing packages of " Then I made, I'm sorry to say, a false step. I observed, interrupting: "But it's ticklish work now, eh? Six months' 'hard' wouldn't be pleasant, would it?" "What do you mean, Mr. er Carter?" she asked. I was still blind. I believe I winked, and I'm sure I whispered, "Tea." Miss Milton drew herself up very straight.

I was out walking with him and he insisted on my going into a jewellery store we were passing. I at first refused to go as I thought he wished to buy me something. But he insisted that he merely wanted me to look at things and I went in. You see, I was trying not to offend him." "Of course," I said, "there was no harm in that. And " "The Admiral winked at the Jeweller.

"And what is more, that is what it will be; that is what it already is. Do you doubt it?" "I hope it," said the schooled Leandre. "You may believe it," said Scaramouche, and again the acclamations rolled into thunder. Polichinelle and Rhodomont exchanged glances: indeed, the former winked, not without mirth. "Sacred name!" growled a voice behind them.

"Sling your hook." Buchanan winked at Stirling and me as the boy slouched off and the old man blandly resumed his writing. "Perhaps you'd like to look over the place?" Buchanan suggested politely to me. "I'll come with you. It's all I'm fit for to-day.... 'Flu!" He glanced at Stirling, and yawned. "Ye ought to be in bed," said Stirling. "Yes. I know. I've known it for twelve years.

He flung himself into the scales as if he was lord of the zodiac as well as the manor: whereat the hawk balanced and flapped; but stuck: then winked. While the sexton heaved in the great weights, the cure told Gerard, "My lord had been sick unto death, and vowed his weight in bread and cheese to the poor, the Church taking her tenth."

The sight of her created more amusement than ever among all her relatives; so much so, that they could scarcely regain their equilibrium. It was only after Pao-yue had rushed up to her, and given her a hand and raised her to her feet again that they at last managed to gradually stop laughing. Pao-yue then winked at Tai-yue.

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