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It was so sweet and pleasant no other spring could supply nicer water. The dew brushed from the bushes and grass as she went by; and from every green thing there went up a fresh dewy smell that was reviving.

"I didn't mean that, ma'am. I meant a nice place to go away from to die in, ma'am!" "That is not ours to choose," answered the old lady severely, but the tone of her severity trembled. "I sha'n't find anywhere so nice as this bank," said Clare, turning and looking at it sorrowfully. "There are plenty of places in the town. It's but a mile farther on!" "But this is so much nicer, ma'am!

'I'm sure Aunt Mattie would think I'd done my best this evening, he thought; 'Justin hasn't been a bit nicer and I've not answered him back once, and I really will give him the money for the ferrets, though I'm sure I never want to see the nasty little beasts.

Hamil reddened. "You mustn't ask me to criticise my own kin," he said. "No," she said, "you couldn't do that.... And Miss Suydam has been more civil recently. It's a mean, low, and suspicious thing to say, but I suppose it's because but I don't think I'll say it after all." "It's nicer not to," said Hamil. They both knew perfectly well that Virginia's advances were anything but disinterested.

"I think they were mighty nice girls, Dolly much nicer than you would ever have thought they could be from the way they acted when we first met them, and they ordered us off their ground, just as if we were going to hurt it. When they found out that they'd been in the wrong, and hadn't behaved nicely, they said they were sorry, and admitted that they hadn't been nice.

And, indeed, one could tell him only by his voice, for it was difficult to make out his face with its arched nose and green eyes, under a high forehead fringed with fair, almost red hair, dressed in the Bressant style, because in the garden we used as little light as possible, so as not to attract mosquitoes: and I would slip away as though not going for anything in particular, to tell them to bring out the syrups; for my grandmother made a great point, thinking it 'nicer/ of their not being allowed to seem anything out of the ordinary, which we kept for visitors only.

"That would be to ruin it. I have gone too far for that." "Why should you want to make it last so long? They are always printing books over again, and a new book is much nicer than an old one." "So some people think; but others would much rather read a book in its first shape.

Had my father occupied one of the fat positions of the land, no doubt as his daughter my life would have been so full of pleasant occupation and pleasure that I would not have developed the spirit which torments me now. Or had I a friend one who knew, who had suffered and understood, one in whom I could lose myself, one on whom I could lean I might have grown a nicer character.

When you think of the kind of friends that Marian Thorne's father and mother, and our father and mother were, and how we children were reared together, and the good times we have had in these two houses and then the awful day when the car went over the cliff, and how Marian clung to us and tried to comfort us, when her own health was broken and Marian's the same Marian she has always been, only nicer every day how you can sit there and say you have scarcely seen her in six of the hardest weeks of her life, certainly surprises me.

But lately, she's been a whole lot nicer. You know Doll made her sort of popular, and after that, she helped along, herself, by being ever so much more pleasant and chummy with us all. She used to be stuck up and disagreeable; ostentatious about being rich, and all that. But nowadays, she's more simple, and more agreeable every way." "That's nice," observed Mr. Rose.