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We have heard how women of sentiment in London town welcomed the book and the opportunity it offered for unrestrained tears.

I intended to tell him during dinner if I had an opportunity; I honestly did. But the more I looked at him and saw how candid his eyes were, and how stern his mouth might be, the more I shivered at the plunge. And, of course, as everybody knows now, I didn't tell him at all.

Only they wouldn't notice one, I gathered, if the parties that followed 'em wasn't dressed proper for it. "Then we went in where we could hear each other without screaming, and the lady tells me more about it, and how beagles is her last hope of her chits ever amounting to anything in the great world of sport.

"As far as I can judge, Crawley still thinks, or half thinks, that he got the cheque from your son-in-law." Mr Harding shook his head sorrowfully. "I'm not saying he did, you know," continued Mr Toogood. "I can't see myself how it is possible; but still, we ought not to leave any stone unturned. And Mrs Arabin, can you tell me at all where we shall find her?"

Beaton frowned in embarrassment, while Fulkerson went on philosophically; "It's astonishing how you fellows can keep it up at this stage of the proceedings; you can paint things that your harshest critic would be ashamed to describe accurately; you're as free as the theatre. But that's neither here nor there.

And O Diana, if you can return so much cleverer and wiser for all you have seen and learned and can still love me why, then, Diana, oh, then " my voice broke but in this moment her arms were about me and stooping her lovely head she mingled her tears with mine. "Dear foolish boy," she murmured passionately, "how can you think there could ever be any other but just you.

She will never need to know. Even on a desert island she will find some Woman Friday to do her laundry work!" "But," suggested her Other Aunt, "suppose she had a very beautiful thin dress to be washed, and had a very poor laundress to do it who might spoil it; don't you think she would wish she knew how to do it herself?"

The circumstances, he admitted, were somewhat peculiar, and until negotiations had been concluded Mr. Laverick had doubtless felt uncertain how to make use of the money. But he assured the court that there was no person who had any claim to the sum of money in question save himself, and that he was perfectly aware of the use to which Laverick had put it.

He used often to speak about the days of his apprenticeship in the business of one of their neighbours in Kennington, and how hard he had to work; when subsequently he was in a counting-house in the city, the hours were late, and he sometimes had to take letters to the post on the stroke of midnight. There were no copying machines, and all letters had to be copied by hand.

You know I found that G was T, S was H, and V was E; well, I tried and tried, and I couldn't get any further. I wrote down the alphabet, and put V opposite E, and T opposite G, and S opposite H. I stared at it and stared at it, and all of a sudden I don't know how I came to think of it I noticed that E is the fifth letter from the beginning of the alphabet, and V is the fifth letter from the end.

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