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Barrymore," said he, and he grinned a malicious grin, which said as plainly as words, "Aha, my boy, I think that rips your little scheme to smithereens, eh?" But my presence of mind doesn't often fail for long. "It's Mr. Barrymore who drives my car for me," I explained. "He's cleverer at it than I, and he comes cheaper than a professional."

The way he takes his authority as a husband seriously is pathetic. He hasn't the faintest idea the girl is cleverer than he is. 'You'd far better leave her alone, and not point it out, said Anne. 'You're always bothering about these little Ottleys now. But you've been very restless lately.

I'm no hog, but I certainly do hate to give old Luke ten dollars' worth of advice for a dollar and a half, and then see a hundred and fifty go glimmering. And if I can't do a better 'pendectomy than either Westlake or McGanum, I'll eat my hat!" As she crept into bed she was dazzled by Guy's blazing grin. She experimented: "But Westlake is cleverer than his son-in-law, don't you think?"

But one thing certainly strikes me now, and that is that you're a great deal cleverer after all than I ever thought you. Lady Hilda made a little mock curtsey. 'It's very good of you to say so, she answered, half-saucily. 'Only the compliment is rather double-edged, you must confess, because it implies that up to now you've had a dreadfully low opinion of my poor little intelligence.

The old woman laughed; but Nemu bit his lips, and said: "If you had sent me to school, and if I were not the son of a witch, and a dwarf, I would play with men as they have played with me; for I am cleverer than all of them, and none of their plans are hidden from me.

"I should not care to go on, on, in the beaten track, to be a mere copyist; I will be a genius, cleverer than all of you put together; I will create a new style, provide ideas for buildings suited to the climate and materials of our country, suited to our national character, and the requirements of the age."

Reports from Assiniboia seem to show that the one hope this season will be mixed farming and the neglect of cereals." "There is only one inference," he said. "When the demand comes, there will be nothing to meet it with." "When it comes," said Maud Barrington quietly. "But you who believe it will stand alone." "Almost," said Winston. "Still, there are a few much cleverer men who feel as I do.

"Yes, an' it's my opinion that it'll take a cleverer fellow than him to reclaim Davis, for he's one of the worst of the lot; but Garvie is real earnest. I chanced to get behind a hedge one day when they were together, and overheard 'em talkin' about these robberies and other matters, and you would have thought, sir, that the fireman was a regular divine.

Sally Norton? Above me!" That was the flaming note of Milly's intense Americanism. As a social, human being she recognized no superiors. There were richer, cleverer, better educated women, no doubt, but in this year of salvation and hope, 1890, there were none "above her." Never!... Mrs. Ridge discreetly shifted the point of attack.

Zoe showed her by opening them wide. "What do you mean?" "What do I mean? No matter. Mr. Severne is not in this building, and you know it." "How can I know? All is so mysterious," faltered Zoe. "How do you know?" "Because there least said is soonest mended." "Fanny, you are older than me, and ever so much cleverer. Tell me, or you are not my friend." "Wait till you get home, then. Here he is."

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