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"Yes, yes!" muttered the judge, "no sign of infirmity is yet written here; the blood flows clear and warm enough; the cheek looks firm too, and passing full, for one who was always of the lean kine. Aha! this letter is a cordial, an elixir vitro. I feel as if a new lease were granted to the reluctant tenant. Lord Warlock, the first Baron of Warlock, Lord Chief Baron, what next?"

"To the convent to get my things," answered the latter. "Ahaa! Aha! We'll see who's stronger, we'll see," muttered the friar abstractedly, as with bowed head and slow step he turned to the stairway, leaving the two women not a little amazed. "He must have a sermon to preach and is memorizing it," commented Aunt Isabel. "Get in, Maria, or we'll be late."

It was just a touch of hysteria. He joined her and laughed heartily as well. "Aha!" he cried, between laughs: "That's a splendid sign. Splendid! I've always been told that girls CRY when they're proposed to." "Sure, that's what I'm doin'," gasped Peg. "I'm cryin' laughin'."

"What can I do for you?" repeated the dentist a little irritably. "I've got toothache," murmured Vanda. "Aha! . . . Which is the tooth? Where?" Vanda remembered she had a hole in one of her teeth. "At the bottom . . . on the right . . ." she said. "Hm! . . . Open your mouth." Finkel frowned and, holding his breath, began examining the tooth.

Just making her cheery outset on this second lifetime, you can't suppose she would have been glad to hear that her son was going to jilt her, and appoint another queen in her stead. "Sit down and tell me about them," said Mrs Proctor; "my dear, you're wonderfully afraid of the servants hearing. They don't know who we're speaking of. Aha! and so you didn't know what they meant didn't you?

"You are unworthy of the great sacrifice which I am making for your happiness! But your friend Christian never draws back. Azazel must perish!" A little farther on the ledge narrowed and ended in a point. The goat, having a second time examined me with a curious eye, drew back a little farther, but not without some hesitation. "Aha!"

Snagsby screws a watchful glance on Jo as he is brought into the little drawing-room by Guster. He looks at Mr. Snagsby the moment he comes in. Aha! Why does he look at Mr. Snagsby? Mr. Snagsby looks at him. Why should he do that, but that Mrs. Snagsby sees it all? Why else should that look pass between them, why else should Mr. Snagsby be confused and cough a signal cough behind his hand?

His hand was stretched out in a friendly way, and a bland smile stretched across his face, following the lines of his wide, extended lips. "Aha!" he said cheerily, "how d'ye do? But I forgot! You don't know me and I don't know you. Awkward, eh? But soon fixed, soon fixed. My name's Wrangler, and yours is er what by the way, is yours?"

"Aha, shipmate," says he with rueful smile, "there spake the young divine, the excellent divinity student who committed a peccadillo long years agone and, sailing to the Golden West, gave place to one Adam Penfeather a sailor-man as you shall hear tell of at St. Kitt's, Tortuga, Santa Catalina and a score o' places along the Main.

"Aha!" said Calton, leaning forward, and putting his arms on the table. "Supposed murderer. Eh! Does that mean that he hasn't been convicted by a jury, or that you think that Fitzgerald is innocent?" Kilsip stared hard at the lawyer, in a vague kind of way, slowly rubbing his hands together.

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