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Then Dannie and Jimmy really went at it, and they were strangers. Not a word of friendly banter crossed the river. They cast until the Bass grew suspicious, and would not rise to the bait; then they fished deep. Then they cast again.

If they were recognized, it was useless to fly; besides, there was nothing hostile in the call; the voice was friendly, rather than threatening. "Bless me!" said Jacques, "it sounds like M. Roland." "I do believe it is he," said Michel. And the two men, instead of continuing their flight, returned to the highroad. Roland had not heard what the two poachers had said, but he had guessed.

It was the first real hero any of them ever had seen. Finally, chancing to look their way, the Captain smiled and waved a friendly hand. A little girl clapped her hands, others started to cheer and a little man of ten dragged an American flag from his pocket and waved it. The Captain beckoned to the children. "Come in, folks," he called. "I wish some one to talk to me and make me laugh.

Not ignoring what is good, I am quick to perceive a horror, and could still be social with it would they let me since it is but well to be on friendly terms with all the inmates of the place one lodges in.

"We must get homeward, and we've had a good drink the best I ever tasted. We're proud to pay our respects to you in your own house; and goodbye to you till we meet again." His hand went out to the shoulder of the peasant and rested there for a second in friendly feeling. Then the girl stretched out her hand also.

The courtly old gentleman had inquired about madam indeed, the second glass had been dedicated to "mother and child" and he exhibited a friendly and almost paternal interest, as he always did, in Jack. "By-the-way," he said, after a silence, "is Henderson in town?" "I haven't heard. Why?" "There's been a good deal of uneasiness in the Street as to what he is doing.

I mean, let's be more friendly with the people round us, and not strive so hard to keep in with the County set. If Miss Reston can do it, surely we can." "But don't you see," her mother said, "Miss Reston can do it just because she is Miss Reston. If you're a Lord's daughter you can be as eccentric as you like, and make friends with anyone you choose.

It is to tell you that if you care to remain friendly on terms that forbid sensual enjoyment, which is not objectionable in putting a lock on the past, you may visit the Duchesse de Rosas just as you have Mademoiselle Kayser.

They took advantage of the unwillingness of the Federal commander to harass Indians who might be friendly; and plotted at ease the destruction of the very troops who spent much of the time in keeping intruders off their lands.

"Can I have a bed, mate, and a bit of supper?" he asked, in a voice that was carefully disguised. "Ay, ay, to be sure you can," answered Wayman; "you can have everything that is comfortable and friendly by paying for it. This house is one of the most hospitable places there is to those that can pay the reckoning."