He spoke so drily, and in so icy a tone, that Monsieur de Granville made no reply, and proceeded to attend to some pressing matters. Mademoiselle Jacqueline Collin's amazement on seeing Jacques Collin in the Salle des Pas-Perdus is beyond imagining. She stood square on her feet, her hands on her hips, for she was dressed as a costermonger.

Old acquaintances had been renewed, and new ones made. Mademoiselle from Vienna was surrounded by a little circle of admirers. Still she held in her right hand a crumpled up little ball of lace.

I saw that she only wanted to gain time in order to carry out her scheme. I did not let myself be hoodwinked by her promises, but went straight to work, being determined to have my own way. Hearing from Mademoiselle d'Amurande that her friend and ally, the old commander, was still living, I was glad to know that she had in him such a stanch supporter.

"Well," replied the unknown, in the same spirit, "pass me your album, and you shall know me as a very sincere admirer of your merit." She immediately wrote a few lines in the album and departed in haste, while Mademoiselle Jacquemart was reading the following quatrain, improvised in her honour by the Princess Radzivil:

He bent his knee before her, and for some moments they remained hand-in-hand, and eye to eye. In the midst of this, Mlle. Moiseney appeared, who, at sight of this tableau vivant, stood perfectly confounded. "You are very much astonished, mademoiselle," said M. Moriaz to her. "Not so much as you fancy, monsieur," replied she, recovering herself.

M. Ferrand is a bad man. "You see, mademoiselle, my intention was good though my conduct was culpable; I conceal nothing. Now hear my excuse. "During a long time, by economy, I have saved and placed at a banker's the small sum of fifteen hundred francs.

"I wish you to do it, right or wrong, proper or improper, although there is no impropriety in it. Improper becomes proper if you do it, Mademoiselle!" "Well, what is it, Chevalier, this fearful test to prove my loyalty to the Grand Company, and which makes you such a matchless flatterer?" "Just this, Angelique!" replied he. "You have much influence with the Seigneur de Repentigny?"

I feel much better, monsieur, and I will tell you all I know. When I entered my chamber I did not notice anything unusual there. "Q. Excuse me, mademoiselle, if you will allow me, I will ask you some questions and you will answer them. That will fatigue you less than making a long recital. "A. Do so, monsieur. "Q. What did you do on that day? I want you to be as minute and precise as possible.

I think the town is ill-informed, and that Madame de Montespan has no interest in separating madame from her children, who are also mine. "You will greatly oblige me, mademoiselle, if you will adopt this opinion and publish it in your society, which is always select, though it is so numerous."

Vigo might say comfortably that Mayenne dared not kill him, but I thought there were few things that gentleman dared not do. Then there was Lucas to be reckoned with. He had caught his fly in the web; he was not likely to let him go long undevoured. At best, if M. Étienne's life were safe, yet was he helpless, while to-morrow our mademoiselle was to marry.