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"I have written to request Mr. Kneebreeches to resume his instructions to-morrow," she said quietly. "I think you are quite well again now, so Dorcas must wake you at your usual hour." Griselda had been settling herself comfortably on a corner of the sofa.

He moved to a small farm that he had bought and let, but now took back into his own hands. There he arranged everything so comfortably and nicely for his dear Astrid, that people whose intention it was to go to Tingvold, rather stayed and laughed with him than went on to cry with his children.

I want you to go up and sit with Violet; I am going out for an hour. It was a tame conclusion to the morning's alarms when a brisk voice answered, 'Come in, at her knock, and Violet lay very comfortably reading, her eyes bright and lively, and her cheeks with almost their own colour.

"Oh, do give our dear love to Poppy," said Primrose tears springing to her eyes. Those sudden tears did not escape the notice of fat, good-humored Mrs. Dredge. "I hope you're getting on comfortably in every way, dear," she said, "money matters and all. I had sore worries myself in the money line until poor Dredge made his fortune in the chandlery business.

They probably had rooms for themselves comfortably furnished, but in all the years Lynda Kendall had never been anywhere in the house except in the rooms devoted to her old friend's use. Sometimes she had wondered how Con fared, but nothing was ever said on the subject and she and Brace had been, in their visiting, limited to the downstair rooms.

Her coming was almost an answer to his reverie. "Not at all, my dear, not at all. In fact, I was just thinking of you. I am inclined to think after all that we will begin with the geological periods. I wish you to get your data assembled in your mind on prehistoric peoples before we take up any definite groups." "That's all right," Kit answered, comfortably. "I don't mind one bit.

The notion was strong in Sutherland that the theater was of the Devil not so strong as in the days before they began to tolerate amateur theatricals, but still vigorous enough to give Susan now, as she sat in the big, brilliant auditorium, a pleasing sense that she, an outcast, was at last comfortably at home. Usually the first sight of anything one has dreamed about is pitifully disappointing.

The whole place was dreadfully damp and muddy, being built in a swamp with not a spot of ground raised a foot above it, and surrounded by swamps on every side. At length I found one with the floor raised about a foot, and succeeded in making a bargain with the owner to turn out immediately, so that by night I had installed myself comfortably.

Miss Dyer gave one appealing look at Mrs. Blair, and then, with some indecision, went to open the door, for the latch was in her house. "Well, here you are, comfortably settled!" began Mrs. Mitchell. She had the unmistakable tone of professional kindliness; yet it rang clear and true. "May I come in?" "Set right down here," answered Miss Dyer, drawing forward a chair. "I'm real pleased to see ye."

I presume you are referring to the trade winds, about which Captain Blyth has been talking during dinner." "Precisely," acknowledged Ned. "Could you not tie that wheel, and sit down comfortably, instead of standing there holding it as you are doing?" inquired Sibylla, by way of leading up gradually to the proposal she intended to make. Ned laughed.