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At that moment he might have sat for a portrait of his master, the devil. Presently he awoke from his reverie. "I have her!" he said to himself; "I have her in a vice! She cannot escape me; she cannot let the old man die! Those curs have served my purpose well; they are as easy to play on as a fiddle, and I am a good player. Yes, and now we are getting to the end of the tune."

A Cabinet Council I resolve to set up as a gentleman, having as legitimate pretensions to the rank of one as many others. I led the little sobbing girl by the hand, and we proceeded for some time in silence. It was not until we gained the high road that Timothy interrupted my reverie, by observing, "Japhet, have you at all made up your mind what you shall do?" "I have been reflecting, Timothy.

Adriana, one evening, bending over the bulwarks of the yacht, was watching the track of phosphoric light, struck into brilliancy from the dark blue waters by the prow of their rapid vessel. "It is a fascinating sight, Miss Neuchatel, and it seems one might gaze on it for ever." "Ah! Lord Waldershare, you caught me in a reverie." "What more sweet?" "Well, that depends on its subject.

So far, there was no clue to guide him; he could not even imagine or suspect any adequate reason for her absence; he could only ruminate sorrowfully on the fact that she was gone, and lament his inability to find her. He was pondering in this fashion when a gentle knock at the door aroused him from his reverie. "Enter," he gruffly and impatiently responded. The door opened and Lettice entered.

"Sir, I wish you would set me to work to find out," he impulsively continued. "I'd go to the post-office, and " "And there make enough noise for ten, and defeat your own ends," interrupted Mr. Galloway. "Channing, you will be late. Do not forget to see Hamish." "Yes, I must be off," said Arthur, coming out of his reverie with a start. He had waited to hear about the seal.

My readers will have observed, probably, by this time, that I am much given to meditation: they will not, therefore, be surprised to learn that I fell into a deep reverie on the subject of sleep, which was continued without intermission into the night, and prolonged without interruption into the following morning.

I turned it over and over in my mind, trying to fit into it the happenings of the day I must confess with very poor success. Freylinghuisen's voice brought me out of my reverie. "The two cases are precisely alike," he was saying. "The symptoms are identical. And I'm certain we shall find paralysis of the heart and spinal cord in this case, just as I did in the other.

Like a courteous host Lord Dacre complied with the whim of his guest, and having placed it beyond his power to liberate himself bade him 'farewell' for ten minutes. Intending to saunter along the lane and return at the expiration of the stated period, Lord Dacre moved away, and falling into one of his customary fits of reverie, soon forgot all about the stocks, his friend's freak, and his friend.

Nor was it certain that any irritative motions succeeded the stimulus of external objects, till the reverie became less complete, and then she could walk about the room without running against the furniture of it. Afterwards, when the reverie became still less complete from the use of opium, some few irritations were at times succeeded by her attention to them.

"They are very well matched," remarked Vignon. "She is ten years older than he; and it is he who appears to be the girl " "A girl, monsieur," said Calyste, waking from his reverie, "who has been twice under fire in La Vendee! If the Cause had had twenty thousand more such girls " "I was giving you some well-deserved praise, and that is easier than to give you a beard," remarked Vignon.