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Of those who had made Concord one of the homes of the soul, Hawthorne and Thoreau had been dead many years I saw their graves in Sleepy Hollow; and Margaret Fuller had perished long ago by shipwreck on Fire Island Beach. But Alcott was still alive and garrulous; and Ellery Channing Thoreau's biographer was alive.

William Henry Channing expressed himself in this wise to his mother, years after the breaking up of the Association:

Huntley's eyes, as Hamish Channing, in all respects save one wealth; and, of that, Ellen would have plenty. Mr. Huntley had known of the trifling debts that were troubling Hamish, and he found that those debts, immediately on the loss of the bank-note, had been partially satisfied. That the stolen money must have been thus applied, and that it had been taken for that purpose, he could not doubt.

It cannot be necessary to inform so finished a scholar as Mr. Channing, that in a discussion about the truth of a system the consideration of the consequences of the system's being proved to be false, is irrelevant and contrary to rule. You will say that you were not discussing the truth of a system, but the reasons why we should give it a respectful examination.

The tall, slim figure of the wife of our president, wearing a Leghorn shade hat, with one or two graceful lady pupils by her side, was often present and leading the procession; then perhaps the manly form of our head farmer, and his stout wife, and his boys and girl; our "poet," always beside some fair maiden, in cheerful conversation; a visitor and the visited; groups of young people together, with muslin dresses, blue tunics and straw hats intermingled; children; and maybe the stately form of William Henry Channing, with his regular profile, and his head carried high, looking upward and off, as into far, pleasant and dreamy distances, walking beside a tall, black haired woman, with a spiritual face of high type, in all some thirty to forty in number, making a delightfully picturesque group.

He would have been a month putting it on to the fly." How could they suppose anything was the matter? Not a suspicion of it ever crossed them. Never had Hamish appeared more light-hearted. In fact, in his self-consciousness, Hamish a little overdid it. Let him get them home before the worst came! "We find you all well, I conclude!" said Mrs. Channing. "None of them came up with you!

The captain was still staring at the last page. "But but, look here," he cried, "you've you've signed Mr. Keating's name to it! 'James R. Keating. You've signed his name to it!" Channing raised his head from his folded arms and stared at him dully. "You don't want to get Keating in trouble, do you?" he asked with patience.

Channing has for many years inculcated, and enforced by examples, the danger to be apprehended and the precautions to be taken in the disease under consideration. I have no wish to express any harsh feeling with regard to the painful subject which has come before us.

"We've got the transports to starboard at Siboney, and the war-ships to port at Santiago, and all we'll need to do is to sit on the deck with a field-glass, and take down the news with both hands." Channing followed these events with envy.

"Had William Yorke been engaged to my daughter, and given her up upon so shallow a plea, I should have been disposed to chastise him," intemperately spoke Mr. Huntley, carried away by his strong feeling. "But, I say I fancy that the giving up was on Constance's side," repeated Mrs. Channing. "She has a keen sense of honour, and she knows the pride of the Yorkes."