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He had recognized the voice instantly. "That you, Steve?" "Sure," came back the reply. Instantly the Scotsman's lack of self-consciousness became apparent. "How in hell did you know it was me?" It was the turn of the invisible police officer to laugh. "Guess there's only one laugh like yours north of 60° less a bull moose can act that way." Then he went on. "Sharp to your left.

"Caroline," he said, "you are too pretty to need it." "I want to keep young for Randolph's sake," Mrs. Paine told him, "then he'll like me better than any other girl." "You needn't think you have to get your hair curled to make me love you," said her tall son; "you are ducky enough as you are." Major Prime, delighting in their lack of self-consciousness, made a diplomatic contribution.

The words, for no reason in themselves, fell oddly, and were followed by a silence which was disturbing and made for sudden self-consciousness wholly to be condemned, and to be banished, if possible, directly.

At each successive stage the Creating Power is the Self-consciousness of the Spirit, as realized at that stage, still reaching forward for yet further Enjoyment of Life, and so always keeping on repeating the one Creative Process at an ever-rising level; and since these are the sole working conditions, the progress is one which logically admits of no finality.

Two things must be distinguished in consciousness; first, the fact that I know; secondly, what I know. In self-consciousness these are merged in one; for Spirit knows itself. It involves an appreciation of its own nature, as also an energy enabling it to realize itself; to make itself actually what it is potentially.

She had not yet reached self-consciousness in her regard for the young preacher she thought of him as a noble human being liable to death, and she chirped again and again to the flying colt, whose broad hoofs flung the snow in stinging showers against her face. A call at the doctor's house set him jogging out along the lanes, while she sent a telegram to Herman.

I thought till now I have thought that I was more able to read the truth than most men. You must often have laughed how you must have laughed secretly at my pretensions. Only once one night in the garden on the island I think I saw you laughing. And even then I didn't understand. Mon Dieu!" He was becoming fiercely concentrated now on what he was saying. He was losing all self-consciousness.

Brewster with the faintest appearance of self-consciousness; "the assembly balls are conceived by the general to strengthen the confidence of the townsfolk, and mitigate the rigors of the winter encampment. I go there myself rarely: I have but little taste for junketing and gavotting, with my country in such need. No, Thankful! What we want is a leader; and the men of Connecticut feel it keenly.

Instead, she felt her face hard, the little muscles of her mouth twitching insubordinate, and fancied that her self-consciousness made her eyes dishonest. "What I mean," said Lewisham, "is that this will go on. We're always going to be friends, side by side." "Always. Just as I am able to help you I will help you. However I can help you, I will." "We two," said Lewisham, gripping her hand.

In what has now been said there is a good deal of comfort for those who suffer the pains of self-consciousness, previously described. They need not seek a lower degree of self-consciousness, but only to distribute more wisely what they now possess. In fullness of consciousness they may well rejoice, recognizing its possession as a power. But they should take a larger unit for its exercise.

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