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The Judge himself was as fascinated by it as if he had been a child. "Why, it's such a good story to tell," he expatiated; "and there must be a great deal in that. I never heard a better story for gaining sympathy that fine old Southern aristocrat standing by the Union in a red-hot secessionist town actually persecuted on account of it. He was persecuted, wasn't he?" he enquired of Rupert.

The large trees were actually so close together at many places that the wagon had to be backed and worked around for long distances to enable them to make any forward movements. Before noon of the third day it became so discouraging that they stopped to consider the situation.

It seems a pretty clear matter that, while the friar told the truth as nearly as possible as to what he actually saw, he did not hesitate to let the more exaggerated statements of the things he had merely heard have as full weight as the people to whom he told them desired.

"Are you sure you don't belong in Sing Sing, Mr. Moriway?" I can see his face yet, Mag, and every time I think of it, it makes me nearly die of laughing. He had actually been fooled another time. It was worth the trip up there, to make a guy of him once more. And whether it was or not, Mag, it was all I got, after all. For would you believe Tom Dorgan would turn out such a sorehead?

For the first time, his progress was actually checked. This roused within him the same dormant, savage man who had grasped the joist he turned upon the group. He didn't do much, his eyes had been upon the ground and he raised them, throwing back his head quickly. "Let me through," he said.

Uncle Israel, after a fruitless search of the premises, actually went to town and came back with a bulky and awkward parcel, which he hid in the shrubbery. Meanwhile, Willie had gone whimpering to Mrs. Dodd, who was in serious trouble of her own. "I'm afraid," he admitted, when closely questioned. "Afraid of what?" demanded his counsellor, sharply. "I'm afraid of ma," sobbed Willie.

"Sanderus said," replied Zbyszko, "that there are no forts in this neighborhood, and it is actually so; because the Knights of the Cross have only recently taken possession of this region and have not had enough time to build in it. Then where can they hide themselves?

"I'm rejoiced that it appeals to you so, Betty!" cried Mrs. Pitt. "That's just as I always feel! It seems as though you could actually touch spots of which Shakespeare must have been thinking when he wrote certain passages.

The star whose light we may now perceive may actually have been destroyed nearly one thousand years ago. Other stars are only one hundred light-years removed from us in space; others only a few years; others only a few hours.

It is actually under the pressure of such an absurd government, that the Spanish provinces have groaned for near three centuries; and such will be our misfortune and degradation, if we ever submit to have all the business of the empire done by one legislature.