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The Confederate attack had been repulsed the Federal position seemed impregnable and "it became apparent," says General Lee, "that the enemy were gradually gaining ground." Under these circumstances, General McClellan might adopt either one of the two courses both alike dangerous to the Confederates.

She choked back her tears, and tried to make the boy understand the mechanism of existence, the value of money, the standing and consideration that it gives, and its bearing on social position; the honorable means of gaining a livelihood, and the necessity of a training.

Gradually he grew cold and morose towards me, left me for days at a time, and returned only to abuse and treat me cruelly. He had possession of all my money, which I soon found he was gambling away, without gaining an entr‚e for me into society.

Ward could reply, and revealed, in the light of a bedroom candle, the astonished countenances of his wife and daughter. "George!" exclaimed Mrs. Ward. "Father!" said Miss Ward. The sergeant-major tottered in and, gaining the front room, flung himself into his arm-chair. A stiff glass of whisky and water, handed him by his daughter, was swallowed at a gulp. "Did you go?" inquired Mrs.

I am quite sure of it. You know dear Stroebel had a genius for gaining information." "I have heard as much," and Shirley and the Baron smiled at Judge Claiborne's tone. The storm was diminishing and Shirley grew more tranquil.

To this unpardonable indifference to the public interest, and neglect of all the rules of prudence and common sense, is owing the progress, which the Fellatas made in gaining over to themselves a powerful party, consisting of individuals from various nations in the interior, who had emigrated to this country, and the great and uniform success which has attended all their ambitious projects.

The committee of the meeting had offered the Mayor and other city officials a box, but they refused to be present. Again the arrests and violence continued without protection for the workers. Nevertheless their cause was constantly gaining, and although all attempts at general arbitration were unsuccessful, more and more employers settled with the operatives.

The wish so dear to him that the unspeakable spectacle of life might cease for ever; must he give thanks for existence because it gave him a small chance of gaining heaven?

"And I told the girl, if Mr. Iglesias asked for me, to say I was particularly engaged. He has written to Georgie. I know that a long letter but I have not been asked to read it." Mrs. Lovegrove pressed her handkerchief against her lips again, agitation gaining her. "After all these years of marriage, you know, Serena, it is a very cutting thing to have any concealment between me and Georgie.

"Not at all difficult," answered Carlton: "do you mean that there is only one way of gaining influence? surely there is such a thing as unconscious influence?" "I'd as easily believe," said Vincent, "that a beauty does not know her charms." "That's narrow-minded," retorted Carlton: "a man sits in his room and writes, and does not know what people think of him."

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