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What could this mean? Some fresh trick? She was so desperately full of guile! "But I thought you were bound for the other end of the lake," she continued. "Do you make a long stay at Geneva?" "No. Do you?" I retorted. "Probably. I begin to like the place, and I have found very comfortable quarters at the Hôtel Cornavin, near the station. You may know it." Could this be really so?

"Don't be so silly," she retorted as she turned to look once more out of the window. But her hands were clammy and, somehow, even though her back was turned toward him, she knew that he was smiling. How much time elapsed before he spoke she had no means of knowing; probably, at most, two or three minutes.

It was almost cruel to be the victim of such circumstance and be denied the soft uses of illusion; but if that note of sympathy had been offered to Hilda she would doubtless have retorted that it was precisely because she saw him that she loved him.

'You'll excuse me, I know, said Mr Wopples, in an apologetic tone, 'but the show commences at eight, and it is now half-past six. I trust I shall see you tonight. 'It's very kind of you to give me this ticket, said Villiers, in whom the gentlemanly instinct still survived. 'Not at all; not at all, retorted Mr Wopples, with a wink. 'Business, my boy, business.

"Of course!" retorted Ned. "That's Chunky's first idea something to eat. I've been waiting for him to say something like that." The boys were at Jerry's house, talking over various matters. The auto was kept in an unused barn back of his home, but, since the advent of the motor boat, had not seen much service, though occasionally the boys went out in it.

"Oh, how dread-ful!" "'Tain't," Mr. Penrose contradicted Aunt Lizzie, curtly. "'Tis!" retorted Aunt Lizzie. They glared at each other balefully, and while everybody waited to hear if she could think of anything else to say to him, Miss Eyester returned panting: "The door's locked and there's a towel pinned over the window." "No!" They exclaimed in chorus, and looked at Wallie.

"As if I didn't see quite enough when I saw William's face that morning he came for me!" retorted Aunt Hannah, spiritedly. "Dear Uncle William! What an old saint he has been all the way through," mused Billy aloud. "And Cyril who would ever have believed that the day would come when Cyril would say to me, as he did last night, that he felt as if Marie had been gone a month.

"I am one," retorted Harvey Green, with a slightly ruffled manner, "who is never disposed to take people as they are when they choose to render themselves disagreeable. If I was Mr. Slade, as I remarked in the beginning, I'd pitch that fellow into the road the next time he put his foot over my door step." "Not if I were present," remarked the other, coolly.

I've been robbed in this camp, and as soon as my men come up I'm going to know whether my property is here or not!" "If you try any funny business with us," Sandy cut in, "you'll get your block knocked off!" "We'll see about that when my men come up!" retorted Katz, defiantly.

"These cayuses was stealin' my claim," he snarled. "Understand me, they was stealin' the gold, and, when I tried to drive them off, they sailed into us " "Yes, I observed that you were shooting at three boys," retorted the sheriff, sarcastically. "See, thar's my mark over that hole in the ground," continued Ab pointing to the sign that was flapping idly in the breeze.