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"What next?" curtly inquired Hannah. "The insolent woman!" exclaimed the elder sister, with a burst of very natural indignation. "She will have you taken up by a constable if ever you show your face there again, will he? We'll see that! I shall tell Herman Brudenell all about it to-morrow as soon as he comes! He must not wait until his another goes to Washington!

"None," she answered. He looked around him once more. "Mr. Fentolin has been preparing for my coming," he observed. "I see that he has moved a few of his personal things." She made no reply, only she shivered a little as she stepped back into the sunshine. "I don't believe you like my little domicile," he remarked, as they started off homeward. "I don't," she admitted curtly.

The other boy answered curtly, "Lawrence, the Head of the House." The big fellow suddenly caught John's eyes. What he read there admiration, respect, envy brought a slight smile to his lips. "Your name?" he demanded. "Verney." Lawrence held out his hand, simply and yet with a certain dignity. "I heard you were coming," he said, keenly examining John's face. "We can't have too many Verneys.

I was curtly hailed in the kaffir language, and upon my asking my swarthy friends to show me the road, half a dozen natives, armed with assegais, appeared on the scene. I clasped my revolver, as their attitude seemed suspicious. After they had inspected me closely, one of the elders of the community said: "You is one of dem Boers vat runs avay? We look on and you got dum dum to-day.

There were other men behind them, and a beast shuffled his feet as he was bidden to stand still. "What is it?" she asked. "An accident to the Mule?" "Not exactly that," replied the Sergeant, grimly, as he made way for two men who approached carefully, carrying a heavy weight. It was the Mule whom they brought in and laid on the table. "Shot," said the Sergeant, curtly.

I've been robbed!" Wally snatched at his arm as it gyrated past him in a gesture of anguish which rivalled the late efforts in that direction of Mr Goble, who was now leaning against the safety-curtain trying to get his breath back. "Don't be a fool," said Wally curtly. "Talk sense! You know perfectly well that Miss Mariner wouldn't swindle you."

President!" he began, suddenly panting with excitement, and Stoddard fixed him with his steely eyes. "Very well, Mr. Lockhart," he responded curtly, "what is it you wish to say?" "Why, I I didn't know," began L. W. haltingly, "that she was going to vote that way." "Well, you know it now," answered Stoddard freezingly, "does that conclude your remarks?"

Any friend of hers, of course, he was anxious to assist; but business was business. In justice to his proprietors, he could not and would not pay more than the market value. Miss Deleglise, replying curtly in the third person, found herself in perfect accord with Mr. Brian as to business being business. If Mr.

McDowell, at the request of the President, explained what he thought could be done, closing "by saying something apologetic;" to which McClellan replied, "somewhat coldly if not curtly: 'You are entitled to have any opinion you please." Secretary Chase, a leader among the anti-McClellanites, bluntly asked the general to explain his military plans in detail; but McClellan declined to be interrogated except by the President, or by the secretary of war, who was not present.

"Y'ain't the police!" it came in a choked gasp from the other, as he blinked in the sudden light "Say then " "Shut up!" ordered Jimmie Dale curtly. "And mind what I told you about moving!" He leaned over the bed. Old Luddy, though under the influence of the chloroform, was moving restlessly. Thoms had evidently only begun to apply the chloroform old Luddy was safe!

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