In another moment he had given it into Philip's hands. The oil lamp was hung straight above them. Its light flooded the table between them, and from Philip's lips, as he stared at the snare, there broke a gasp of amazement. Pierre had expected that cry. He had at first been disbelieved; now his face burned with triumph. It seemed, for a space, as if Philip had ceased breathing.

"Is that all you want?" she asked, and then hearing the little gasp he gave, she swung round quickly and looked at him. It was pretty dark in the room, but his face in the dusk seemed to have whitened. "Is friendship all you want of me, Roddy?" she asked again. She stood there waiting, a full minute, in silence. Then she said, "You don't have to tell me that. Because I know.

Fortune favored him to the height of his wishes, and if the ships had arrived with the artillery he expected from France, that town could scarce have held out for four and twenty hours, by which means he would have had the glory of preserving to his country the colony of Canada, then reduced to its last gasp.

The duchess uttered a sound which was half gasp, half sigh. "Hereward!" "Barnes and Moysey, with beautiful and childlike innocence, when they found that they had brought the thing home empty, came straightway and told me that you had jumped out of the brougham while it had been driving full pelt through the streets.

It is I! They seem to have discovered that all circumstances, all incidents wear a double face and that I am the malignant genius who can make which he pleases the true one Yes! I am with them! I send the Incubus that hag-rides them in their dreams! They gasp and would awake, but cannot! Why could she not have bestowed all this affection upon me? Why could she not?

Mr and Mrs Ford, as of course you know, sir, are divorced. Mr Burns was trying to get the boy away and take him back to his mother. I heard Audrey give a little gasp. Mr Abney's anger became modified by a touch of doubt. I could see that these words, by lifting the accusation from the wholly absurd to the somewhat plausible, had impressed him.

"But you did mean it. Your eyes . . ." But when he remembered her eyes, speech deserted him. He could only gasp and tingle. "No, no, no," she said. "I meant nothing. Please please don't come so near. Her hand remained suspended, enjoining obedience. Anthony, perplexed, dashed a little, obeyed, and stood before her. "We must be reasonable," she said. "I meant nothing.

Binko Ah! you remember Binko!" for Sabine's face had suddenly lit up and at this passionate joy and emotion flooded Michael's and they both stopped dead short in their talk and Sabine took a quick breath that was almost a gasp.

In front of the flaming end of his own gun Philip saw the outlaw on the right pitch forward in his saddle and fall to the ground. He sent his last shot at the man on the left and drew his second gun. Before he could fire again his mare gave a tremendous lunge forward and stumbled upon her knees, and with a gasp of horror Philip felt the saddle-girth slip as he swung to free himself.

But her two children lay heavy at her heart, and even to her last gasp she never would forgive Camacha, such a resolute spirit she had.