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We seem able to make no headway against her, in spite of our best efforts." "Let us see what better efforts we can make then," cried Wolfe, with eager eyes. "Best! why, man, we have done nothing but procrastinate and blunder, till my ears tingle with shame as I read the story! But we are awakening at last, and we have a man to look to who is no blunderer.

Whenever a customer enters the shop, if he desire a box of pills, he receives with them an equal number of hard, round, dry jokes, or if a dose of salts, it is mingled with a portion of the salt of Attica, or if some hot, Oriental drug, it is accompanied by a racy word or two that tingle on the mental palate, all without the least additional cost.

"At sea," was the answer. Josiah Childs felt a something very akin to relief and joy tingle through him. Agatha had married again evidently a seafaring man. Next, came an ominous, creepy sensation. Agatha had committed bigamy. He remembered Enoch Arden, read aloud to the class by the teacher in the old schoolhouse, and began to think of himself as a hero. He would do the heroic.

It was a very unusual thing for bitterness to tingle Jerry's voice, and it augured a bruised heart. "I'm big amongst leetle fellers," he replied. "But along side him, I'm a runt." "Ef he's got some thing ye hain't got, like es not, hit wucks t'other way round too. Ye're strong enough an' ye've got gentleness." Jerry leaned forward to her.

I can say this much, there is no listing for anything even remotely akin to this in the Archives." Shann's eyes widened. He absently rubbed the fingers which had held the bone coin if it was a coin back and forth across the torn front of his blouse. That tingle ... did he still feel it? Or was his imagination at work again?

The boy sat bracing on a rope fastened before and looped around him. As they went along he was oversown with sparkling crystals. They made his cheeks tingle, and almost took his breath as he went plunging into steep hollows. Often he tipped over and sank in the white deep. Then Trove hauled him out, brushed him a little, and set him back on the boat again.

But from the time an American youngster begins to steal apples and junk and throw snowballs and break windows a healthy fear of a regular cop is ingrained in him. It's a fear he doesn't stop to analyze. It's just there, that's all he knows. Even a perfectly law-abiding citizen walking home late feels a little tingle of anxiety in him when he marches past a cop.

"I don't fight cowards," mumbled Harberth, holding his jaw and, at this meanness, Dam was moved to go up to Harberth and slap him right hard upon his plump, inviting cheek, a good resounding blow that made his hand tingle with pain and his heart with pleasure. He still identified him somehow with the Snake, and had a glorious, if passing, sensation of successful revolt and some revenge.

Now and then the train would start up some more tempting game. A brace or two of partridges or a covey of quails would settle down in the stubble, or a cock pheasant drop head and tail and slide into the copse. Rabbits also would scamper back from the borders of the fields into the thickets or peep slyly out, making my sportsman's fingers tingle.

There is no doubt whatever that I was a lackadaisical young spooney; but there was a purity of heart in all this, that prevents my having quite a contemptuous recollection of it, let me laugh as I may. I had not been walking long, when I turned a corner, and met her. I tingle again from head to foot as my recollection turns that corner, and my pen shakes in my hand.

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