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He got up slowly and then, staggering to a bench, sank down heavily upon it. Evidently his punishment at Jack's hands had been heavy. "Boys! Boys! what is the meaning of this?" It was a loud and harsh voice from the doorway of the gymnasium that startled all of the assembled cadets. The next instant Josiah Crabtree, the head teacher, strode in. "Skip, Jack, here is old Crabtree!"

Then a heavy bump, and Josiah, opening his eyes, found himself lying on the floor in the room in King Street. On the table were an empty claret bottle and two tumblers. The room was full of the smoke, now growing stale, of cigars. Josiah was shivering with cold, and the room was dark save from what light flickered in from the lamp down the street.

And it made me enough trouble too, yes indeed! for he would come and pour out his praises of that frisky, frivolous spot into Josiah's too willin' ears, till he got him as wild as he wuz about it. Why, evenin's after he'd been there recountin' its attractions till bed-time, Josiah would be so wrought up he'd ride night mairs most all night.

But fatigue and hunger on Josiah's part, a prancin' team bore us away, and we went home in pretty good sperits after all, though some late. Miss Plank had a good supper. We wuz late, but she had kept it warm for us some briled chicken, and some green peas, and a light nice puddin', and other things accordin'; and Josiah did indeed do justice to it.

Josiah looked to me at that moment some like a calico dress that you have picked out of a dense quantity of patterns of calico at a store, it looks better to you when you get it away from the rest. Josiah Allen looked good to me.

And then there wuz the big seal of the United States. I had read a description of it to Josiah that mornin', and had explained it all out to him all about the Argant, and Jules, and the breast of the American Eagle displayed proper.

Killin' a ghost! a burglar and a heroine, I thought what a noble start for a sensational novel. But the breakfast bell rung jest then, and I took the little warm hand in mine and led her down to breakfast. Well, after breakfast Josiah and I sot out in good season for Jerusalem.

It is a high step, Josiah, but women are goin' to take it. They've always tended to cleanin' their own house, and makin' it comfortable and hygenic for its members, big and little.

Josiah, who had been dressed since three, appeared almost instantly. They walked down to the shore together, and the Captain's eyes twinkled as he noted the elaborate roll in the boy's walk. The Mary Ellen was anchored between the beaches, and they rowed off to her in a dory. It was pitch-dark, and cold and raw.

They want us to stop!" "They must have seen and followed us!" said the broker, and his manner showed his sudden fear. "Want to take those fellows on board?" questioned the captain of the schooner. "No! no!" cried Josiah Crabtree. "Tell the captain of the tug to hurry up! That we er that we must make better time!"