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"Your remarks are truly eloquent, and I believe every word on 'em; but," sez he, "I have an engagement of nearly life and death; I must leave you," and he sot off nearly on a run. And I spread my umbrell and walked off with composure and dignity to tackle the next buildin', which wuz Oregon. But my pardner jined me at that minit with his handkerchief held triumphantly in his hand.

"Oh! you are never willin' to give in that I look dressy, Samantha. But I s'pose I can put my feet where you say. You are so sot, but they are too big for me I shall look like a fool." I looked at him calmly over my specks, and sez I, "I guess I sha'n't notice the difference or realize the change. I wonder," sez I, in middlin' cold axents, "how you think you are a lookin' now, Josiah Allen."

"And w'en he had wo'ked fer you ten years, suh, you sot 'im free?" "Yes, Sandy, he had earned his freedom." "An' w'en de wah broke out, an' my folks wuz scattered, an' I didn' have nothin' ter do ner nowhar ter go, you kep' me on yo' place, and tuck me ter wait on you, suh, didn't you?"

Yes, Christopher wuz my theme, and my constant burden of mind. But I had to gin it up. I couldn't expect a man to live four or five hundred years jest to please me, and gratify Jonesville. No, Columbus wuzn't there. He wuz off somewhere a-discoverin' new continents, or planets, mebby. For I don't believe he crumpled right down, and sot down forever on them golden streets.

Brave old 4 mother, worthy pardner of a grand man, she wuz a takin' her life in her hand and a destroyin' her own property for the sake of the cause she loved. A emblem of the way men and women sot fire to their own hopes, their own happiness, and burnt 'em up on the altar of the land we love.

"Well," said the Prince, "Oliver, though he was a traitor and a villain, was a brave fellow, had great parts, great courage, and was worthy to command; but that Richard, that coxcomb, coquin, poltron, was surely the basest fellow alive. What is become of that fool? How was it possible he could be such a sot?"

The others followed his example, with the exception of Redhand, who remained standing, and of Bertram, who quickly opened his sketch-book, that being the first opportunity he had enjoyed during the day of making an entry therein. "Right," exclaimed Bounce. "It's allers more feelosophical to sot than to stand also more ekornomical, 'cause it saves yer moccasins. Go on with yer story, old man."

And a quick glance at the gruff, gray old man in the corner plainly betrayed that, in Christie's opinion, Aunt Betsey made a bad bargain when she exchanged her girlish aspirations for a man whose soul was in his pocket. "Jest like her mother, full of hifalutin notions, discontented, and sot in her own idees. Poor capital to start a fortin' on."

But at this very minute, before I could rebuke him for his feerful profanity, Miss Flamm motioned to us to come and take a seat round a little table, and consequently we sot.

He sot up in de loft of his ole sto' readin' de Bible upside down to git de debbil's frenship. De debbil come in one night, and says to ole Meshach: 'Yer's my hat! Go, take it, honey, and measure land wid it, and all de land you measure is yo's, honey! An' Meshach's measured mos' all dis county in. Jedge Custis's land is de last."