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To the whole world I commend the good brotherhood of Maple, and pass on the emphatic indorsement of a blessed old black woman who came to my room the other day, and, standing before the rollicking blaze on my hearth, said, "Bless yer, honey, yer's got a wood-fire. I'se allers said that, if yer's got a wood-fire, yer's got meat, an' drink, an' clo'es." Choice of Colors.

"I dunno yit. I left it to the preacher. He said he'd git me a picked choir, whatever that may be." "My! But you'll hev a fine funeral!" exclaimed Amarilly admiringly. "I allers did say that when Hallie got merried, or died, things should be done right. Thar's jest one thing I can't hev." "What's that, Mrs. Hudgers?"

"We's allers ready to fight in a good cause," remarked Moses, just before filling his mouth with rice. "Or to die in it!" added Verkimier, engulfing the breast of a chicken at a bite. "But as zee pirates are not expected for some days, ve may as vell go after zee mias zat is what zee natifs call zee orang-utan. It is a better word, being short."

I've allers had a quick tongue from a gall, and Darvell, he must just take the consequences." "But suppose," said the vicar, looking earnestly at her, "suppose that Frank were to come back to you safe and well, and Darvell were to promise never to be so harsh to him again, wouldn't you try then to keep from saying sharp things?"

'Wall, I be, s' I, 'but I'd ruther be ashamed 'n git up! But you're an awful good cook, Samanthy, if ye air allers in a hurry, 'n' if yer hev got a sharp tongue!" "The less you say 'bout my tongue the better!" snapped Samantha. "Right you are," answered Jabe with a good-natured grin, as he went on with his breakfast. He had a huge appetite, another grievance in Samantha's eyes.

Mas'r allers said I should have one, he did," she repeated over and over, in heart-broken tones. "Trust in the Lord, Aunt Hagar," said the oldest of the men, sorrowfully. "What good will it do?" said she, sobbing passionately. "Mother, mother, don't! don't!" said the boy. "They say you 's got a good master." "I don't care, I don't care. O, Albert! oh, my boy! you 's my last baby. Lord, how ken I?"

"'Tain't good management fer us ter be allers groanin' in dis worl' while we 'spect ter be singin' de glory song up yonder. De best singers is dem dat's longes' trainin' an' I'se feared some of us'll find it drefful hard ter git up ter de proper concert pitch in heaven ef we sings nuthin but lamentashuns on earth.

The trouble was discussed too pretty largely at old Hannah's cottage, where Tummus's wife gave it as her opinion that it was "one of they dratted cats." They was always breaking something, and if the truth was known it was "the missus's Prusshun Tom, as she allers called Shah."

"Down in Florida when he wasn't tumbling into alligators' mouths or getting bit by serpents he was allers up to some mischief you mark my words there's something in the wind now." The boys talked late and long that night over the letter and what possible plan Mr.

"You did quite right, Uncle Reuben," said Ishmael affectionately. "You call me Uncle Reuben, sir?" "Why not, Uncle Reuben? and why do you call me sir?" "Well sir, because you are a gentleman now not but what you allers was a gentleman by natur'; but now you are one by profession. They say you have come to be a lawyer in the court, sir, and can stand up and plead before the judges theirselves."

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