"Dar now, young mistis, ef I know I free I bress de Lawd fer de charnce ter gib my wuk ter you. Dere's a po'ful dif'unce 'twix' bein' took en kep en des gibin' yosef out ob yo' own heart. Slav'y couldn't keep me fum gibin' mysef ter de Lawd en I been He free man many a long yeah, en I be yo' free man, too, fer lub."

Fac', I feels lack some er dese days I mought buy you fum yo' marster, ef I could eber make money ernuff at my bizness dese hard times, en 'dop' you fer my son. I lacks you so well dat I'm gwine ter he'p you git rid er dis yer witch fer good en all; fer des ez long ez she libs, you is sho' ter hab trouble, en trouble, en mo' trouble.

"Yer can sell papers like Shiner does, or yer can get a box, an' go inter the same bizness I'm in. Ef yer smart, yer'll git three or four dollars a week, 'cordin' to the weather." Paul opened his eyes wide with surprise as this enormous amount was spoken of, and he almost forgot his grief in the visions of wealth that floated through his brain.

So hit's the gun, is hit, Sherd Raines? The crowd turned, and Raines shrank a little as the girl faced him with flashing eyes. "So hit's the gun, is hit? Hit is a good gun, but ye ought to be ashamed to take all the credit 'way from me. But ef you air so sartain hit's the gun," she continued, "I'll shoot yourn, 'n' y'u kin hev mine ef I don't beat ye with yer own gun."

Ef the Lord pardons us fer not hangin the jedges an lawyers, it'll be more'n I look fer," observed Peleg Bidwell. "Here comes the Duke," said another. "Wat dew yew say ter this ere proclamashin, Cap'n?" Perez laughed. "The more paper government wastes on proclamations, the less it'll have left for cartridges," he replied.

When Stuart returned early from his work in the afternoon he found a group of forlorn women and children standing beside the stoop. A pale, elfish-looking boy of ten, whose face appeared to be five years older, sat on the lower step crying. "What's the matter, kiddie?" he asked kindly. "I wants de doctor me mudder's sick. She'll croak before mornin' ef he don't come dey all want him."

You kin know what sort we are by our grave-clothes ef you'll take the trouble to peep out o' the winder." "What do you-uns want?" It was the quavering voice of the jailer, from the wing of the house occupied by him and his family. His voice roused a sleeping infant, and it began to cry. The cry was smothered by some one's hand over the child's mouth.

I saw at once that she was suffering under the sorrowful mental conviction that I had spelled the word wrongly: but that she was resolved not again to wound my feelings. She turned to assist Vesty. "That," she said at length, struck by some suggestive combination, "might be 'continnu, Vesty, ef it had more 'n's and no 'e'." "Oh," said Vesty, pleased and enlightened.

He didn't vaccinate him; he thess tried to do it; but Sonny, he wouldn't begin to allow it. We all tried to indoose 'im. I offered him everything on the farm ef he'd thess roll up his little sleeve an' let the doctor look at his arm promised him thet he wouldn't tech a needle to it tell he said the word. But he wouldn't.

"Ef you'd only come a little sooner!" sighed Jake, "you'd hev hed a chance that would hev made ev'rything seem to go right till Judgment Day. I'll show yer." Jake opened the saloon-door, and there sat Sunrise, as bright, modest, and pleasant-looking as ever.