He came to with a start, rapping his knee against the gunwale of the boat. Mr. Kincaid held his hand up warningly, then pointed toward the decoys. Bobby looked, and saw, preening its feathers calmly, a live duck rising to the wavelets. Mr. Kincaid handed over two 22-short cartridges. Bobby's breath caught with a gasp.

As we were talking, the Rock pilot came alongside in a launch and handed aboard a bunch of geese, the same as those we had seen; he is out of shot and powder, and I believe we have no cartridges on board.

I should try and find out which was the cabin Jarette uses, for the arms would be there, and then I should tie some guns " "And cartridges," whispered Mr Preddle, excitedly. "Oh yes, I shouldn't forget them. I'd tie 'em together and lower them down out of the window. He's sure to have the captain's cabin, and the window will be open, ready." "Bravo!" cried Mr Preddle. "Oh dear!

Those fishermen who wind their own flies before they go a-fishing, how they bring in the trout; and those hunters who run their own bullets or make their own cartridges, the game is already mortgaged to them. When my boat was finished and it was a very simple affair I was as eager as a boy to be off; I feared the river would all run by before I could wet her bottom in it.

There are some geese in a swamp over that way. The cartridges are in the bookcase; help yourself to a good supply, and one of those haversacks." Hervey did as his host suggested. "Why 'Haunted Hill'?" he asked curiously. Iredale shrugged. "By reason of a little graveyard on the side of it. Evidently where the early settlers buried their dead.

He was shortly ordered to assist in the inspection of cartridge-boxes and the issuing of cartridges, adn the grim nature of the errand they were about to start upon duly impressed itself upon his mind as he walked down the lines in the melancholy rains, examined each box, and gave the owner the quantity of cartridges required to make up the quota of forty rounds per man.

He returned to bed without a light, chuckling to himself, and in the little cabinet filled with hunting- implements, whence he had watched them, thinking at first that he had to do with burglars, the moon's rays shone upon naught save the fowling- pieces hanging on the wall and the boxes of cartridges of all sizes.

For all that, Na-tee-kah had a vivid persuasion that, if the pale-faces had not interfered and driven away the Apache, there would have been more glory earned by the young chief of the Nez Percés. She could not be dissatisfied with Sile, however. After a brief consultation with his father, the Red-head went to the wagon and brought out the rifle he had won and with it a box of cartridges.

"This is downright stupidity," he said to Major Stuart, who was blazing away as hard as ever he could cram cartridges into the hot barrels of his gun. "You can't tell whether you are hitting the bird or not. There! Three men fired at that bird the other two were not touched."

He showed me the man next, evidently not used to shooting, who was walking up and down, shooting in every direction, and as fast as he could cram the cartridges into his gun. So he stepped back into the alley and waited until the battue was over. The party was much smaller that night at dinner. Every one went away but W. and me.