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"Lydia, you spend every cent of that money on yourself. You've earned it in more ways than one. I wish John Levine could see you in it. I guess he will though. Congress will rest most of the summer. Let's have supper now." Lydia spun through her Junior examination blissfully. For once marks and final averages were of little importance to her.

"I am very grateful for your good intentions, of course, very grateful; but here each one must work for herself, and it would ill-become me to allow you to give me the money you have earned."

For he had a good sum in the hands of Lombard merchants; having made over to them spoils of war, ransoms, and arrears when he obtained them; and having at times earned something by exercising his craft, which he said had been most valuable to him. Indeed he thought he could show Stephen and Tibble a few fresh arts he had picked up at Milan. Meantime his first desire was to see Aldonza.

He was promised a groat if he would see Phineas safely home when the rain had ceased, and was asked if he would care to take the piece of silver now. "Not till I've earned it, sir," said the Cornish lad. So Mr. Fletcher slipped the money into his boy's hand and left them.

The poor devil needed the produce of his garden to supplement his wages, for he had a wife and three children to provide for and he earned only or rather, to be correct, he was paid only fourpence an hour.

Might be a little vacation bonus in it for you, too." "Sir, I don't know how to thank you." The Old Man waved a hand. "Nothing you won't have earned, my boy. Robots can't sell." That was the set dismissal. "Yes, sir. Robots can't manage sales, or " He winked. The Old Man chuckled. An old joke was never too old for the Old Man. The same old bromides every time; and the same hearty chuckle.

"Yes; I ran into Graham and Marjory Kent at the Casino yesterday. They said they'd bring a fourth." "Well, make the most of your holiday. You've earned it." It was high praise. In this one simple sentence the old fellow, hard, undemonstrative, more than a bit "Lancashire," expressed the utmost approval of which he was capable.

Nineteen thousand, five hundred payable to her order. Two years ago such a sum would have lifted her to plutocratic heights, filled her with pleasurable excitement, innumerable anticipations. Now it stirred her less than the three hundred dollars she had just received from the Granada Concert committee. She had earned that, had given for it due measure of herself.

What was this boy to him, he asked himself, that he should forego for him the accomplishing of his designs? How had this lad earned any consideration from him? What did he owe him? Naught! Still, he would not decide in haste.

For, the Father of the Marshalsea, as he grew more dependent on the contributions of his changing family, made the greater stand by his forlorn gentility. So the pretence had to be kept up that neither of his daughters earned their bread. The Child of the Marshalsea learned needlework of an insolvent milliner, and went out daily to work for a Mrs. Clennam.