Although Sheridan had been marching all day, his troops moved with alacrity and without any straggling. They began to see the end of what they had been fighting four years for. Nothing seemed to fatigue them. They were ready to move without rations and travel without rest until the end. Straggling had entirely ceased, and every man was now a rival for the front.

Perhaps I was destined to meet the terrible Chinese doctor to-night. I ceased to pursue a train of thought which promised to lead to morbid depths, and directed my attention to what Smith was saying. "We will drop down from Wapping and reconnoiter, as you say the place is close to the riverside. Then you can put us ashore somewhere below.

He tried to think himself back into the opinion of the morning, when he had fancied that he preferred the Last Chance River to any other place. He could not think that now; he knew that it was no more than a consoling lie. Then he ceased to think and grew drowsy. He was aroused by the faint and far-away sound of singing. The dusk had gathered and it must be nearing midnight.

Far up the rising ground, the riot ceased as suddenly as it had begun; the men-at-arms drew back in shame, and many tried to hide their faces, lest they should be known again.

So I ordered all to go in, and thus we escaped from the terrible cold, snow, and drift, into a wonderfully warm, safe, comfortable place. And next morning the snow and tempest ceased and we moved on, trampling down the snow as before; but ere we quite got through the pass, night fell.

He died in about three months of a broken heart, and with truth might it be said that he was an honor to his country. The cow-boy of our Western plains somewhat nearly approaches him, but the cow-boy is only a passing accident, not an institution, like the gaucho, who will still flourish on his native soil when the cow-boy has ceased to be.

She ceased, trembling with the strength of the passions that shook her, to which indeed her words had given but feeble expression. "Go," said Juanna, "I would have time to think." Then Nam spoke again. "We go, Shepherdess, in obedience to your wish, but before evening we shall return to hear your answer.

Phœnix ceased weeping and thrust his red fists in his father’s face. “Ei, pretty snail,” said Glaucon, pressing him fast by one hand, whilst he held his mother by the other, “if I say you are a merry wight, the nurse will not marvel any more.” But Hermione had already heard from Niobe of the adventure in the market-place at Trœzene.

The later Romans, in their characteristic conservatism, adhered to those festivals, to that ritual, and to those formulae, even when some of the deities had ceased to be of appreciable account, and when neither the meaning of the ritual nor the sense of the old words was any longer understood by the very priests who used them. Reflect a moment on this situation.

But it presently became evident that they had no thought of boarding us; on the contrary, their chief anxiety was clearly to escape from the warm berth that they had thrust themselves into; for a few minutes later, the fire on both sides having slackened somewhat, we observed that both craft had their boats in the water and were doing their best to tow off from us, and almost immediately afterwards the French ceased firing altogether.