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You focus on him and say, 'What a beastly shame! and you entirely overlook the other fifty-odd people in the car who are quietly minding their own business." Blount's smile was for the man rather than for the theory. "You are an implacable optimist, Dick, and you always have been," he returned.

Indignation and rage began to rise afresh; but if he gave way what might he not be guilty of a second time! A rush of shame choked the words that crowded to his lips; and with the self-restraint came wholesome doubt: was it possible he had married her? Was it not possible? Would it not be just worthy of him to have done so and never told one of his family!

You killed me years ago all that was best in me. Save your soul from a second murder." "If you live, do you know what may lie before you?" "You talk of things 'worse than death. What shame, what misery could be worse than the years spent at your side?" "You are mad, Margaret. I shall pay no attention to you. I must save you against your will."

I'll admit that the warm water removed some encrusted mud from my mind, but it sharpened rather then obscured my resolution to make the most of what looked like a last chance. But when you uncorked that Léoville, shame spoiled it for me." "You drank only two glasses, I remember." "It brought everything back everything!

When he received any print, newspaper, book or pamphlet that praised any but himself, he would throw it into the fire in a kind of frenzy, calling God to witness that he was the only person of consequence in the world, that it was a horrible shame that he was so neglected, and Lord knows what other rubbish.

But when a man sets his mind to work seriously, to try to understand what he hears and sees around him, then he will be puzzled, and no shame to him; for he will find things every day of his life which will require years of thought to understand, ay, things which, though we see and know that they are true, and can use and profit by them, we can never understand at all, at least in this life.

I will not trouble you with the sickening details of the scene I witnessed to my shame I say it I think few of those who are present at a first exhibition of this cruel and useless sport will be desirous of witnessing a second except he be a man of a morbid inclination.

He did not dare to avow it, but the dream of his old age, with his fierce moustache and his grim countenance, was the devoted love of some young girl, at whose feet he might pour out, without shame, without distrust even, all the tenderness of his simple and heroic heart.

Even that great man whose memory we love and revere, Charles Dickens, was not overkind to us, and saw our faults rather than our virtues. We were a nation of grasshoppers, and spat tobacco from early morning until late at night. This some of us undoubtedly did, to our shame be it said. And when Mr.

Once more he deliberated. Yes, there could be no doubt about the decision. He could, not endure another public expulsion, or even another birching; he could not endure the cold faces of even his best friends. No, no! he could not face the horrible phantom of detection, and exposure, and shame. Escape he must.

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