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His whole face and all its features smiled. He was smiling at Alice now, as if struck all of a sudden by her smallness. "I've come to ask a favor, Mr. Greatorex," said Alice. "Ay," said Greatorex. He said it as if ladies called every day to ask him favors. "Will you coom in, Miss Cartaret?"

"Ay, but again and again, and it may be again, Gray Brother?" Gray Brother was silent. When he spoke he growled to himself, "The Black One spoke truth." "And he said?" "Man goes to Man at the last. Raksha, our mother, said " "So also said Akela on the night of Red Dog," Mowgli muttered. "So also says Kaa, who is wiser than us all." "What dost thou say, Gray Brother?"

It is rather difficult besides, Papa might not care to hear it." "Papa might if he were tried," said Dr. Grey, smiling, "Why not do to please me what you do to please the children?" So Christian sang at once ay, and that very song. She faced it. She determined she would, with all the ghosts of the past that hovered round it.

"Ay, could I have done so before I should have been saved from many errors, and been many years nearer to the goal which dazzled my sight through the haze of my boyish dreams." "What is that goal, the grave?" "The grave! That which allows of no grave, fame." "I see despite of what you just now said you still mean to go through the world seeking a poet's fame." "Alas!

"You will, dearie? Ay, and you shall. Come to me, dearie, when you are alone. Make Barellan your home whenever you need one." As she spoke Dickson and Nellie came round the corner of the verandah. The shifty eyes of the one twinkled for a moment with a glee which was not beautiful to see; the dark eyes of the other glittered. "She never said that to me," Nellie said under her breath.

"Oh, ay," said Blount; "Varney and a whole tribe of Leicestrians, besides about a score of us honest Sussex folk.

Those hide boots, spotted with mud, and the blood of the calf, would keep him from wanting another meal for many a long day " "Ay, thou fearless one! Why, it is said that if the grizzly even raises his paw and slaps the face every feature is crushed out of shape." "I should not be surprised."

At sight of her, Tom Leicester's affection revived; and he soon took occasion to whisper an inquiry whether she was still single. "Ay," said she, "and like to be." "Waiting for the master still? Mayhap I could cure you of that complaint. But least said is soonest mended." This mysterious hint showed Ryder he had a secret burning his bosom.

"She's gone lost," said Mrs Frog. "Lost?" repeated Giles, with a significant look. "Ay, lost," repeated Mrs Frog, with a look of equal significance. "Bless me, how did you lose your child?" asked Sir Richard, in some surprise. "Oh! sir, that often happens to us poor folk. We're used to it," said Mrs Frog, in a half bantering half bitter tone.

And when that is done, if the men are not better engaged, let them get to work and set up the topgallant and royal rigging fore and aft; it is shockingly slack hanging fairly in bights, in fact and is affording practically no support to the spars." "Ay, ay, sir!" answered the carpenter, who was acting also as boatswain.