I s'pose there'll be a reglar hooroar in the morning, and Mr Reardon wanting to know who started the game." "And you'll tell him, Tom?" I said. "O' course, sir," he replied, with a solemn wink. "I'm just the man to go and split upon my messmates." "But you'll be punished if you don't tell.

Their ugly dark faces, their strange native dress, their harsh language, make on the stranger an impression not easily forgotten. Reliable figures are wanting as to the number of pure Mexican Indians.

Surely then I have no need to profess in words, I will not say my attachment, but my deep reverence towards the Mother of Saints, when I am showing it in action; yet that words may not be altogether wanting, I beg to lay before your Lordship the following extract from a defence of the English Church, which I wrote against a Roman controversialist in the course of the last year.

It is none the less its truest office because some very wretched verse seems often to do it. The logic of such a fact is not that the poet should try to achieve this truest office of his art by means of doggerel, but that he should study how and where and why the beauty and the truth he has made manifest are wanting in universal interest, in human appeal.

Any one being one, every one being one, many being living, some being feeling, some being in having been going to be feeling, some being in wanting to be feeling, some being in expecting feeling, some being in feeling, some being in completing feeling by coming to be feeling, some being in continuing feeling in expecting to be feeling, some being in continuing going to be feeling, some being in feeling being coming, some being in feeling being existing, any one being one, every one being one, very many being living, there are some being living, there is one being living, there are very many being living.

The enthusiasm which had been excited by the new minister of war had disappeared from amongst the officers; he lost the hearts of the soldiers by wanting to establish in the army the corporal punishments in use amongst the German armies in which he had served. The feeling was so strong, that the attempt was abandoned. "In the matter of sabres," said a grenadier, "I like only the edge."

Her age was scarcely to be read upon her face, whose slight furrows seemed traced by violent passions rather than by the hand of time: she had the remains of great beauty, although wanting in the intellectual; and the expression of her face, her compressed lips, and the fixed look of her eyes, went far to neutralize the charm which her regular features, and the classical oval of her physiognomy, would otherwise have possessed.

Edmund did not look round at Rose, but she was acutely present to his consciousness the woman's beauty, the child's innocence, the suffering and the strength in her face. "As you would be forgiven!" That was a further insult, it seemed to him. To talk of Rose wanting forgiveness. Then a strange kind of sarcasm took hold of him.

In this case too there was an outward want, which the nation was unable to satisfy; the Romans desired a theatre, but the pieces were wanting. Rise of a Roman Literature On these elements Roman literature was based; and its defective character was from the first and necessarily the result of such an origin.

In the present day a process entirely analogous goes on under our own eyes in the transference of the methods of instruction from the dead to the living languages. But unfortunately the chief requisite for such a transference was wanting. The Stage under Greek Influence To this defect was added a second. We have already described the multiplication of the amusements of the Roman people.