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Parmenides himself is the source of a peculiarly interesting strain of mysticism which pervades Plato's thought the mysticism which may be called "logical" because it is embodied in theories on logic.

Socrates Potter that I can do useful work. I'm dieting, anyhow, and I can't eat. "'My friend, I observe that you are serving us, and we are proud, but you do not appear to be serving a purpose, I said. "'Now, don't spoil it all with your relentless logic, she began. 'You see, I am going to take a hand in this keeping-up-with-Lizzie business.

Whether this is the tragedy of history, the world's fate and the condemnation of it to perpetual warfare or is but a term in the logic by which nations rise to other and higher forms; or finally is a crime or a mistake which it is within the power of the will of man to abandon or amend these are problems of the philosophy of history. Historical Causes

Thus the study of history enters the service of systematic philosophy. Logic sees century-old convictions shattered and new foundations arising.

One must resort to analysis before one can understand and grasp the great drama and display the impulses which continually actuated its heroes. In normal times we are guided by the various forms of logic rational, affective, collective, and mystic which more or less perfectly balance one another. During seasons of upheaval they enter into conflict, and man is no longer himself.

In one sense, therefore, a statement may be rhetorically exaggerated, even when the facts which support it are incontrovertible, as the remorseless logic of Calvin leads to deductions which no one fully believes, the decretum quidem horribile, as Calvin himself confessed. But is it easy to convict Mr.

But deductive logic is the creation of Aristotle; and it was the authority of Aristotle that Bacon sought to subvert. The inductive process is also old, of which Bacon is called the father. How are these things to be reconciled and explained?

If there is any real need of us, Denman will call us out." This was good sailorly logic, and they climbed back into their bunks, to smoke, to read, or to talk themselves to sleep again. As the wind and sea arose they closed the other two deadlights, and when darkness closed down they turned out the dazzling bulbs, and slept through the night as only sailors can.

He would go about London, with this mad logic in his brain, seeing a conspiracy in a cab accident, and a special providence in a falling fusee. His suspicions at the moment were fixed upon an unhappy milkman who walked in front of us. So arresting were the incidents which afterwards overtook us that I am really afraid that I have forgotten what were the main outlines of the milkman's crime.

Controversy is always a thing to be avoided, but, in this particular case, when a system opposed to the prevalent method has to be advocated, controversy is unavoidable. My respect for the learning of my distinguished adversaries is none the less great because I am not convinced by their logic, and because my doubts are excited by their differences.