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As I proceed you will be convinced, I think, that only a true confidence in you would enable me to speak with such frankness. I I know of no one else in whom I could confide, and and the time has come when I must have help the help of a friend. I should have explained to my father indeed intended to do so but now he is helpless to aid me. There is no one else I feel able to trust.

She signified no. He shook the head of superior knowledge paternally. Her instinct of comedy set a dimple faintly working in her cheek. 'Not if they love, Nevil. 'At least, said he, 'a man does not like to see the woman he loves banished by society and browbeaten. 'Putting me aside, do you care for it, Nevil? 'Personally not a jot. 'I am convinced of that, said Renee.

I am not less convinced, that the impression of this necessity of your filling the station in question is so universal, that you run no risk of any uncandid imputation by submitting to it. But even if this were not the case, a regard to your own reputation, as well as to the public good, calls upon you in the strongest manner, to run that risk.

Like some enormous serpent it stretches away in the distance, climbing rocks which appear impracticable, and which would be so without its aid. The count was convinced that it would be as difficult to climb it for the purpose of defending it as it would be to do so in order to attack it. This first support of the wall is in itself a giant work.

Also, if consultation for the latter is sought, it is usually at the instigation of the husband. Believing in the rights of unborn children, and in the maternal instinct, I am consequently convinced that no knowledge should be withheld that will secure proper conditions for the best parenthood."

At last I could bear it no longer and, deciding to write a letter of explanation on the morrow, I dashed off. Five minutes' walk convinced me that I had completely lost any good that they might ever have been to me. Instinct and common sense were the only guides left. I must settle down to some heavy detective work.

Before I left Seville I convinced a principal bookseller, much against his opinions, that there must be some such brief local history of the city as I was fond of finding in Italian towns, and I took it from his own reluctant shelf.

Convinced that this would prove to be either a cavalry vidette, or a Federal foraging party, it made me more anxious to get quickly down into the town, hopeful they might have a spare horse with them, and I pointed out the dust spirals to my companion. "If you have friends in Jonesboro," I said, "I've also got some coming." "Who are they?" her eyes on the distant dust. "Yankees?"

Was Faria deceived as to his treasure, or was all the world deceived as to Faria? Dantes remained in his cell all day, not daring to return to his friend, thinking thus to defer the moment when he should be convinced, once for all, that the abbe was mad such a conviction would be so terrible!

Stay, gentle ladies; in the first place I am not going to enforce this or any other hour; in the second place, I am not going to enforce early rising at all. Convinced you feel, with me, the importance of time, and your responsibility for its right improvement, I leave it to your consciences whether any part of it should be uselessly squandered in your beds.