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Margaret followed her to ask whether Henry knew about Miss Avery's rudeness. "Oh yes." "I wonder, then, why he let me ask her to look after the house." "But she's only a farm woman," said Dolly, and her explanation proved correct. Henry only censured the lower classes when it suited him. He bore with Miss Avery as with Crane because he could get good value out of them.

Sloyd's eyes wandered round the large and handsome sitting-room in Berridge's Hotel, where he found his client established. "Oh, it doesn't matter for a few days," she added, detecting his idea and smiling again. This explanation of her position had the effect of making Sloyd's manner rather less florid and his language less flowery.

AT ten o'clock the next morning Norah and Magdalen stood alone in the hall at Combe-Raven watching the departure of the carriage which took their father and mother to the London train. Up to the last moment, both the sisters had hoped for some explanation of that mysterious "family business" to which Mrs. Vanstone had so briefly alluded on the previous day. No such explanation had been offered.

B was in love with me, I gave no credit to the report, because he had never declared his passion, and this was the first hint of it that ever escaped him in my hearing. I was therefore so much amazed at the circumstance of this abrupt explanation, that I could make no answer; but having taken my leave, went away, ruminating on the unexpected declaration.

The countess opened her large eyes to their utmost orbicular extent; and, after a moment's silence, the strongest possible expression that she could give of amazement, she also retired, and returned to Emilie, to demand from her an explanation of what she could not understand. The ill-humour of Mrs.

He felt some singular completeness of exhaustion, and was troubled because of there being no explanation which satisfied him. Asking for whisky to Josiah's surprise, he took it and lay down, as the servant said, "There's letters, sir, on the table." "Very well. Close the tent and say I'm not well; I won't see any one." "Yes, sir. Nothing serious?" "No." He fell asleep as if drugged.

Will you not give me some brief explanation of this scene while they are gathering up the dead?" Graham did so in a few sad words. The daughter sat crying on the mossy log meanwhile, and the old man wiped his eyes again and again. "Was there ever a nobler-looking man?" sobbed the girl; "and to think of his poor wife! Papa, he must not be buried here.

"And yet not the slightest progress is made. There is only one explanation, sir, and that is want of diligence." "Dear me! dear me! dear me!" exclaimed the doctor. "Now, Dexter, what have you to say?" "Nothing, sir!" said the boy sadly; "only I think sometimes that my brains must be too wet." "Good gracious! boy: what do you mean!"

"Does further action depend in any way on me?" asked Edmund at last, without, however, offering the explanation the other wanted. "No," said Murray quite civilly, but his manner was dry. "I don't see that it does. I think we can get on for the present." As he spoke the door opened, and the parlourmaid showed in a tall, handsome woman in a nurse's dress. Murray looked from her to Sir Edmund.

And yet there is a certain analogy between the handling of the inscriptions and that of the bas-reliefs. It is doubtless in the nature of the materials employed that we must look for the final explanation of this similarity, but it is none the less true that writing was a much earlier and a much more general art than sculpture.