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The shrewd face of the little perruquier had taken an almost eager look as the name of Captain Jack passed Tom's lips. His eyes scanned the youth from head to foot, and when Tom took out and handed him the note which had been given him, he seized it and read it eagerly, after which he turned to his new client, and said: "This billet, young sir, would be enough to secure you a welcome from me.

Any over-busy multimillionaire, or superman, who becomes our client may send us novels, essays, or books of any kind, and will receive a report explaining the plot and pointing out such parts as he may with propriety read. If he can once find time to send us a postcard, or a postal cablegram, night or day, we undertake to assume all the further effort of reading.

The lawyer swung about, facing them with an expression of commonplace satisfaction. "It's all in fine order," he declared. "I want, if possible, to study our jury through a preliminary case or so. We shall, of course, surrender our client at once, without making any difficulty about moving her from one police district to another.

During the four years in which he sat in this Court, he heard the arguments in nearly every case which came before it, and delivered seventy-one opinions not simply his written conclusions, but elaborate judgments founded on the closest investigation of the questions submitted, the most careful and exhaustive examination of authorities, and a practical, comprehensive and familiar acquaintance with legal rules and principles, even those of the most technical nature, which astonished those who knew that he had never appeared for a client in Court, or sat before in a judicial tribunal.

Cooke," said he, with dignity, "I'll have to ask you to let my whiskers alone." "Certainly, old man," replied my client, anything but abashed. "You'll pardon me, but they seemed too good to be true. I congratulate you on them."

Borlan. The Ten Milers some of them followed both counsel and client. It was neck and heels until the horses were reached. After that the pursuers were left at a great disadvantage. "I'll have his heart!" ejaculated Watson. Which heart he meant we have no means of knowing. "Give me a horse! quick!" They brought a mule. "Wait here, every man of you!"

Aulus Gellius collected his stories two centuries afterward for the amusement of his children, and has never been regarded as an authority in matters for which confirmation has been wanting. There is no allusion to such borrowing from a client made by any contemporary.

When did attorney ever endure so much for a pauper client, or physician for the patient in the lazaretto, or mother for the child in membranous croup, as Christ for us, and Christ for you, and Christ for me? Shall any man or woman or child in this audience who has ever suffered for another find it hard to understand this Christly suffering for us?

Two or three days subsequent to the time when Claire received the notification from Jasper, just referred to, two men sat, in close conference, in the office of an attorney noted for his legal intelligence, but more noted for his entire want of principle. For a good fee, he would undertake any case, and gain for his client, if possible, no matter how great the wrong that was done.

"It's the plain truth. But now, if Lord Ellingham refuses that offer, does your client intend to commence proceedings?" "Our instructions are yes," answered Methley. "Very good," said Mr. Carless. "Now, then what are these proofs?" Methley turned to his partner, who immediately thrust a hand in his breastpocket and produced a long envelope. "I have them here," said Woodlesford.