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I had a baby at my breast and Tom by my knee when he went away from us, and I know now it was the call laid on me to take up his work that saved me. When I got back from the funeral and had laid the baby on the bed Mis' Jim Petway come a-running up the road crying that Ellen, her youngest child, were a-choking to death with croup.

Oh, there must be a place somewhere! She mustn't get the croup an' die on me she mustn't. Ain't I got to take her to her ma, an' how could I tell her I let the baby die? Oh, where?" With an agonized glance in every direction and a closer enfolding of the sleeping child over whose head she promptly threw her own abbreviated skirt she discovered, at last, a haven of refuge. "My heart!

They are noble children, sir; worthy of their noble sire!" "Oh, Uncle Charley!" said the Hen. "Didn't you get my letter telling you my little Jane died of croup? I've only my little Willy, now!" And she kind of gagged. "My poor child. My poor child!" said Santa . "I did not know that death had winged a double dart at you like that your letter never came."

Her children absorbed all her care; and having heard Miriam, the younger, cough twice that morning, she was consulting the Envoy on the winter climate of Lisbon was it, for instance, prophylactic against croup. At five minutes past four Sir Oliver arrived. Before apologising he stood aside ceremoniously in the doorway to admit a companion the Countess of Montalegre.

Danny had sat up all night with only a horse blanket drawn over his legs, taking care of a roan mare with the croup. The helpless thing had lain flat on her side in the straw struggling for breath, and Danny, his heart racked with pity, had sat in the stall beside her, every hour giving her steam and gently pouring his own secret mixture down her throat.

At three years he weighed but twenty-four pounds, and at six, though he could read and write perfectly and showed a remarkable aptitude for music, he was no larger and heavier than a well-grown child of two. Meanwhile, his mother had borne two other children, a boy and a girl, one of whom died of croup during infancy, while the other was carried off by smallpox before it reached the age of five.

Girls in white frocks; boys in Sunday suits; all uncomfortable in freshly donned winter flannels since this was to be a sort of out-doors party and there must be no afterclaps of croup; and elders in their second-best attire, worn with an affected indifference of its just happening so. Said Mrs. Turner to Mrs. Clackett: "Course we wasn't asked.

All I've got to do, in the big world, is to deliver the goods. And I'm going to deliver the goods!" said Peter. But Emma Campbell put her grizzled head on the dining-room table and began to cry. "I nussed you w'en you had de croup en de colic. I used to tromp up en down dis same no' wid you 'crost my shoulder.

Jerry Kipp, but they're ouija board addicts and count it a dull evening when they can't gather a few serious thinkers around the dinin' room table under a dim light and spell out a message from Little Bright Wings, who checked out from croup at the age of six and still wants her Uncle Jerry to know that she thinks of him out there in the great beyond.

Girard has just told me that he was going to stay here to-night, in Mr. Alexander's absence. He said little Redge was threatened with the croup. Now, if I had only known that Mr. Alexander was away, I could have come and stayed with you!" "Oh, that wasn't at all necessary," said Lois hastily. "Thank you very much. Do sit down, won't you, Mrs. Snow?"