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Your little mare the General gave you will fetch something, and there's no d d livery stable bills here as there are in London," Rawdon added, with a laugh. "There's that dressing-case cost me two hundred that is, I owe two for it; and the gold tops and bottles must be worth thirty or forty. Please to put THAT up the spout, ma'am, with my pins, and rings, and watch and chain, and things.

"Leeze me o' ye! but I kenned ye were o' the true Norse blude after a'! "For a' that, an' a' that, A man's a man for a' that. "Oh, but I hae expeckit it this month an' mare! Oh, but I prophesied it, Johnnie!" "Then why, in Heaven's name, did you introduce me to such a scoundrel?" "I sent you to schule, lad, I sent you to schule. Ye wad na be ruled by me.

But his words had not been intended as a ruse. Casey was riding over on his little gray mare to see who the strangers were, and what they wanted. "This man tells me you're Dunne," said the gray-eyed man. "That's correct," Casey admitted. "My name is Dade; his name is Cross." He indicated his companion by a sidewise nod. "We've bought land from this here irrigation outfit.

Then the King remembered his judgment of yesterday and, calling the men before him, decided that the foal should belong to the man who had the mare and who had fished in front of his windows. But he said to him as he dismissed them, "That arrow never came from your quiver." Then he went to his Queen in a towering rage and said to her, "How dare you interfere in my judgments?"

And at the same moment David Forsythe arrived on a spent grey mare. He had come over the forty rough miles which separated Myrtle Forge from the city in less than five hours. He was a year older than Howat, but he appeared actually younger a candid youth with high colour and light, simply tied hair. He had, he told Howat, important messages from his father to Mr. Winscombe.

Soon after we had reached the hotel, we ordered a buggy, and Governor Johnson and I drove to Vallejo, six miles, crossed over to Mare Island, and walked up to the commandant's house, where we found Commodore Farragut and his family.

The mare, on her part, reared up, and flung herself back, and plunged about, and showed so strong a determination not to go down the broken bank, that we feared we should never get her into the river. At last, however, we managed to back her into the water, when she was dragged instantly out of her depth and obliged to swim.

Trop de soleil si le Causse est bas, trop de neige s'il est eleve, toujours et partout le vent, qui tord les bois chetifs, pour lac, une mare, pour riviere un ravin, de rocheuses prairies tondues par des moutons et des brebis a laine fine, des champs caillouteux d'orge, d'avoine, de pommes de terre, rarement de ble, voila les Causses!

"The gracious lordship is wrong," said public opinion, by the voice of old Bauer Ulrich, the sacrificer of the horse's head. "Heaven forfend that evil befall him and that mare in the course of the year."

Gosford, after filling his pipe again and pausing for at least a minute, "Bartlett's dead." "Bartlett wur a slow-coach," observed Mr. Chandler, after another pause of a minute, "so wur his mare. I mind me I wur behind his mare about five years ago last Michaelmas, and I wur well-nigh perished.