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Qui cum aliquandiu in regione illa demoratus fuisset coepit ad mentem reducere vitam suam adeo flagitiosam: Quod ab ipsis cunabulis, incendiis semper vacaverat et rapinis, et quod magis dolebat, se ecclesiarum fuisse violatorem et rerum ecclesiasticarum invasorem praeter multa enormia quae intrinsecus latebant peccata," etc. 'Mat. Par'., p. 72.

Next to the two books that I have already mentioned, I do not know a better for you to read, and seriously reflect upon, than 'Avis d'une Mere d'un Fils, par la Marquise de Lambert'. She was a woman of a superior understanding and knowledge of the world, had always kept the best company, was solicitous that her son should make a figure and a fortune in the world, and knew better than anybody how to point out the means.

A dog's own life." Lifting her voice, the fat woman sang: "Croyez-moi car j'ai passé par la." "What has that to do with it?" Nothing whatever, the Tamburini truthfully reflected but omitted to say so. Paliser, in producing Mrs. Beamish, had also produced the programme. With both was a cheque. With the cheque was the assurance of another and a bigger one. She had only to earn it.

In the present state of the Treasury the whole of the Louisiana debt may be redeemed in the year 1819, after which, if the public debt continues as it now is, above par, there will be annually about $5 millions of the sinking fund unexpended until the year 1825, when the loan of 1812 and the stock created by funding Treasury notes will be redeemable.

All the knowledge that she had imbibed taught her that there was no God either to hear prayer, or succour the wronged. Her name would become a laughing-stock and a hissing, to be put on a par with Clodia's or that of any other frivolous woman, unless she not merely gave up the man she loved, but also threw herself into the arms of the man she utterly hated. The craving for any respite was intense.

The boat shuddered and its strong joints groaned in the strenuous hug of the river. "Hereafter we can proceed only by daylight," said Winslow. "We shall have many dangers to contend with a succession of chutes, races, chains, and cypress bends. You will see no end of this gloomy forest. There are plenty of rattlesnakes, bears, and catamounts in those jungles, doctor." "Par bleu!

You got my word it's all righd, Miss The name, blease Miss what?" "Par Parlow. Lilly Parlow." "All righd, Miss Parlow; that makes everything fine." She opened her purse, unfolding a bill. "I'll pay now," she said, calm with sudden decision. "Sa-y, I would have trusted you. But you're like me, I always say money speaks louder than words." "I'll be right back, Mrs. Neugass." "That's good.

The finest of these is the one by her friend Mme. de La Fayette, contained in one of the epistolary portraits so much in vogue at that time, and which were turned out, par excellence, in the salon of Mlle. de Luxembourg: "Know, madame,—if by chance you do not already know it,—that your mind adorns and embellishes your person so well that there is not another one on earth so charming as you when you are animated in a conversation in which all constraint is banished.

To me it had always been a mystery why the craving for gaiety and amusement had never seized Ethelwynn. She was by far the more beautiful of the pair, the smartest in dress, and the wittier in speech, for possessed of a keen sense of humour, she was interesting as well as handsome the two qualities which are par excellence necessary for a woman to attain social success.

Plaisance, 1574. 4to. Histoire de la première Découverte et Conquête des Canaries, 1412. Par J. Bethancourt: écrite du temps même. Par P. Bouthier, et J. Leverier. Paris, 1630. 12mo. This curious and rare work, depicts with great fidelity and naïveté, the manners, opinions, government, religion, &c. that prevailed in the Canaries, when they were first conquered.